Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Blog!!

So you may have noticed it's been quiet around here for a few weeks. And that's because, I launched a new blog! I wanted to wait a bit to announce it, because I was still trying to figure out the interface. But I'm ready to let you all know to head to to see my latest work!
This blog isn't going anywhere. I still plan to link to it when referencing older projects. I just don't plan to update and add new content here.

I hope you'll follow my work over there. At the bottom of the new blog, you can even subscribe to receive updates! Here's to trying something new :)

cheers & besos,

Friday, July 1, 2016

Heart Eyes

The page is titled "heart eyes" and I have heart eyes whenever I look at it! It's one of my favorites from this year! 
The page itself is based off of a sketch from the July 2016 issue of [Simple Scrapper]'s Spark Magazine--No. 313 for fellow members.
I knew I wanted to scrapbook these photos. And I decided to pull out the [Heart Story Stamp] from Ali Edwards. But it was only when I really looked at that set that I noticed the "heart eyes" phrase.
Because I knew I was going to use that stamp, I decided to pull out all of the fun [emoji products] I've been collecting. They made for such a fun and playful page!
cheers & besos,

Friday, June 24, 2016

Radiant Heart

I had a totally different idea for this page, but it turned out way better because I was inspired by the products I used!
I knew I wanted to scrapbook this photo and that I wanted to use the new [Elle's Studio Sunny Days] collection. I also envisioned lots of circles dotted around the page. So I misted up my background and used the sun from the [Sunny Days stamp set] and also the "smile" from that set, to create my own background.
I used my Silhouette to cut out a bunch of circles and I layered them around the page. I got that far and then I decided I would pull out the new [Kelly Purkey] stamp sets I'd just purchased to see if I could use a sentiment or two.
And that's the point I hit on some genius and took this page into a totally different direction. Or maybe not totally different, but definitely enhanced! Kelly's [Megababe stamp set] had so many great phrases, but I knew that I had to use "You have a radiant heart" on this page. Because that totally describes Urijah and his love for the pool!
Because I added the radiant heart sentiment, I decided to add stamped diamonds to the background, using [Something Blue Color Theory dye ink]. The "everyday magic" circles using [Deja Blue Color Theory dye ink] were the last bit I added to the background.
Because of the added stamping, my journaling took on a whole new direction! And also because of it, I decided to hand stitch those gems.

Journaling Reads:
"The pool, swimming, splashing around in the water, it brings U so much joy! U could spend hours and hours there everyday. Your mama even moved y'all to a new apartment with a great pool because she knew she was going to be spending a lot of time there with U. We love that U found something that makes sunbeams radiate out of U! Our sunshine boy!"
This page, it just makes my heart happy! It captures something so important to my nephew. It's bright and cheerful. And the journaling is so much improved by the products I used. Have to love it when that happens =)

cheers & besos,


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Water Dog

I finally finished the 2nd page I made using my [2016 NSD Kit]! I know, it's been nearly two whole months. But I'm not going be too hard on myself. It's done and I like it :)
The colors are my favorite part! I'm loving this combo: teal, orange, yellow, gray, brown, white! I lined all of the paper along the side to create a color block.
The title is a [cut file] from [The Cut Shoppe]. I love how versatile it is! I backed it with cardstock in the color scheme.
We were at the pool just last weekend and Dixie had a blast retrieving the ball all over again. Except this time she was twice as big!

cheers & besos,


Saturday, June 18, 2016

2016 Books [No. 02/02]

I have another book project to share! Continued from my [previous post], here's the backside of the 9x12 pocket page. It's much more colorful!
I used three cards from the [June kit] and I'm excited that the Book Review card is also available in this month's [printable]! I will definitely print up a bunch of these for my summer reading!
I also incorporated some of the new [Sunny Days] items on this bottom card. I thought the tag was so perfect, books absolutely make my heart smile!
I have two more book themed pages in my head. I even took photos! Think that's what I'll be scrapping next =)

cheers & besos,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Books [No. 01/02]

I love documenting the books that I read. I did this [last year and loved it] so much I did it again with my [June Elle's Studio kit]! It features two book related journaling tags.
9x12 has become my new favorite pocket page size. Visually, the dimensions are just so pleasing to my eyeballs. I like this grid. It just feels right!
I googled and found as high resolution images of the book covers, as possible. It's hard to find large enough files! But it's good that I only printed these at 3x4 size.
For this spread, I used two [journaling tags], the [Shine Bright stamp set], a [patriotic acrylic star] and a [puffy heart].
My favorite detail has to be this tiny book. I used the test print of my journaling to cut out little pages that I stapled together. I think the [stamp] is meant to be sunglasses, but hey they work as reading glasses too!! This whole card is glued to the outside of the pocket. I couldn't bear to cut down that heart!
The bright pops of blue just liven the page up. I'm lucky that that [blue journaling card] so closely matches the cover of The Happiness Project!
I have the back side of this layout to share with you next. It'll be up on the blog in a few days. But if you're interested in the [kit] specifically, jump on it ASAP. Elle's mentioned that there are only a handful left!

cheers & besos,

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunny Days Flipbook

You guys, I made a really fun project last week! I've never made a flip book before and I'll be honest, it wasn't easy. But so worth it! Read more about it on the [Elle's Studio blog].

cheers & besos,

Friday, June 10, 2016

Elle's Studio June 2016 Reveal

Elle's Studio [latest crop of goodness] is available now! The colors in this release you guys, oh so good! I'm loving the bright and cheerful projects that I made with it. I'll be sharing them here and on [Instagram] throughout the weekend.

First up is a page inspired by the [tiny acrylic popsicles]...that I didn't even use on this page in the end. But still, were so cute they prompted me to scrapbook this photo of me and a SpongeBob Squarepants ice cream.
Last summer, I spent a long weekend in NYC hanging out with one of my besties. It wasn't a touristy adventure. I went to hang out with her, slip into her life for a few days, eat, hangout. I was so bad about not being a tourist, these are really the only photos I took during the trip! We didn't even get one of the two of us together!! It's like I don't scrapbook?!  But at least I got these few. 
It was a bright and hot weekend so [this month's kit] was pretty perfect for scrapping it. I created my own background using the [Shine Bright stamp set], mist splatters and also a [highlighter]. Then I just layered up the [journaling tags] and added my title. It's a simple page but all the color makes it seem less so, I think!
Also available this month are acrylic stars in [summer colors] and [patriotic colors]; an acrylic [summer] plus the [printables] and [cut file]. And the new [Sunny Days] collection is out! I'll be using it at ton this summer, I'm sure.
cheers & besos,

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Happiness is...

I have a tip for you, if you need to put something together quickly and easily, reach for your 3x4 journaling cards. I just bought the [Wander core kit] because I'm a big [Christine Herrin] fan, so I was excited to use them!
I used a [Simple Scrapper] sketch and story starter as the basis of the page. The sketch (No. 254) called for patterned paper blocks in the background. Instead, I substituted the journaling cards. So quick, so simple, so fun!

Seven of these bad boys, two 3x4 photos, some stitching and mist droplets + three heart embellishments and I was done in no time flat!
cheers & besos,

Saturday, June 4, 2016


I'm not a parent. Well, not to any humans. But I do have a nephew! His name is [Urijah] and if you've been following me for any bit of time, you've seen him on this blog. I love him to death! He's the only little person I've had the privilege of seeing grow up. On April 20th of this year he turned 7. SEVEN!!! Egads, where has the time gone?! I'm sure every parent...and even aunts and uncles have wondered the same.
I made a very special page to celebrate his birthday, using a sketch from the latest crop of [Simple Scrapper] goodies. And it was really simple and really easy to make! All it took was collecting some ink and a date stamp (used 3 on this page but whatevs) and going to town on some cardstock. 
I pulled colors from the shirt he was wearing in the photo. It had all of these bright little creatures on it. And then using a different ink pad for each year, I date stamped in bands across the page.
I also couldn't not use my [mega date stamp] on this page so I stamped directly onto the photo using white ink. I purchased those fantastic Bella Blvd heart enamels in every color (not joking, spent a tiny fortune on them!) so I dotted them around the page.

Below are close ups of the date stamping, which again, was so simple and fun to do!

cheers & besos,