Kit Challenge NSD 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hi friends! I wanted to share that I will be hosting a challenge this upcoming interNational Scrapbook Day, May 7-8, 2016, over on the Simple Scrapper Facebook Group. You can RSVP for it [here]!

I wanted this to be a fun, low key challenge to help you use some stash, make time to scrapbook and hang out with your fellow scrapbookers! The challenge itself is easy: using the "recipe" listed on the  [event page] pull together a kit of items from your stash. Then, over NSD weekend, make some pages, head to [Facebook] and share what you've made! I'm planning to issue a few challenges to help you get on your way. And I'm hoping it's a fun time and an opportunity to meet some new people :)

I already have my kit pulled together and I'm so excited to play with it! Especially after I made this video.

Head to the [event page] for the recipe to put your own homemade kit together. If you're around on Saturday & Sunday, be sure to pop in! We'd love to have you!

cheers & besos,


  1. Thx for the challenge: looks like great fun...and a super way to use up some of our stash. Off to pull mine.

  2. Just love the look of your kit! I especially like the idea to put a stamp set you've never used before in the kit
    And I miss BG too!