Singin' in the Rain

Monday, April 25, 2011

I actually made some Studio Calico layouts with this month's Singin' in the Rain kit!
Of course, they're of Urijah :)
This is my yearly letter to him.
I like to include a letter at the end of each of his scrapbooks.
And this year's letter and scrapbook is definitely about change.

But oh, just look at those huggable/kissable cheeks of his!

I also played with some of the kit contents to create this layout I've had in my head for awhile. My original thought for these was "surveying the chaos" but using the fun weather elements I went for a Hurricane Urijah theme. Oh, and I used last month's Stretch Your Sketch layout prompt from 2Ps.

Journaling Reads:
Hurricane Urijah blows through my apartment from time to time.
Leave food, socks, puppet lions all upturned in its wake.

Footage tells us we have made it to the eye of the storm, the
part before the tail winds set in.
Where no book or sippy cup is safe in its path!

This report must note, it's definitely the cutest part of the storm.

Tomorrow's outlook: a bright sunshiney day

Here he is passed out on my chest, hugging his toy microphone all the while.

Just look at that precious wee little hand! And btw, I always love me a gray/brown/yellow themed layout!

Happy that the winds blew you my way today :)


Sketchbook Day 2 & 3

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back with more KP Sketchbook Sketches!! :)
This first one is my favorite that I've done in awhile...and it's really very simple!
It was just a matter of some lines, a few photos, and the thought bubbles! And yeah, I took a few liberties calling it a convo but I'm not bothered. They're what literally popped into my head when I started thinking about these photos and the page.

This is hands down my favorite photo of my boyfriend and my nephew. He just looks so little next to him! And then the look he's giving him, it just makes me laugh!

The title letters are a foam Thicker and were originally an aqua color. But I altered them with some blue chalk in because I thought a darker title would work better on here.

So this next page...well, I like it.
But I'm not really in love with it.
It's one of those forced layouts where I should have just called it a day, but instead plowed forward on it anyhow.

It isn't half bad or anything, I actually like the silly puns. And of course my sweet boy is adorable!
I probably should have slept on it ;)


Mr & Mrs

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I have some exciting news....
One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is now married!! Congratulations to my dear old roomie Sarah who's now calling herself a wife! Ah, so weird! But I'm so happy for her and her new husband, Andy (a navy man what! what!)

I completely scraplifted Sarah's gift thanks to the lovely Tami's My Favorite Photo layout. It was just perfection! And a great way to showcase and emphasize a single photo, which in this case is of the happy couple on the day of their engagement.

And since I loved the layout so much, I had to scraplift it twice!! I've been wanting to frame some of my pages and put them around the apartment and this will be the first.

Isn't Studio Calico's State Fair line just gorgeous?! Thanks for stopping by and my sincere apologies for the hiatus!


Project 12: Feb & Mar

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So one's a bit late and the other is just on time :)
Such is life!

Here are my latest additions to Project 12!

February was all about love
...and pink and turquoise
...and a trip to San Francisco!
...and catching up with old friends :)
and celebrating my first in person Valentine's with MT <3

So overall very fun and happy.

I decided to use my divided 4x6 page protectors for this month's layout. It's is the first time I've ever done this type of layout, so I'm not quite sure how I feel. I don't think I'm so great with smaller spaces and making music of cluttered jumbled messes, but I think it works for this project.

I even got to cleverly include the top from our Sprinkles cupcake box!

One of my favorite little details are those plastic hearts. They're from a heart slinky if you can believe it!

I was out shopping for Urijah's birthday decorations at Party City with my Mama when I picked up the slinky and carried it around the store. I loved the color! At the cash register, Ireverted to a 6 year old and bugged her to buy it for me (it must have been less than $1). She thinks I'm crazy....

But look Ma, I put it to good use!

And now on to March. I was all over the place in March! Literally, all over the place. I was in London for training, the English countryside for touring, Scotland for work meetings, and Istanbul for holiday! I loved every single second of it, but remembered what it's like to live out of a suitcase.

I used the back end of last month's divided page protectors for this month's layout.

It seems I'm really into writing on photos. Which btw, if you haven't purchased an American Crafts Slick Writer do so now! They write like budd'a (butter in some sort of accent...)

This one feels a bit more hodge podge to me but I like the color scheme! Lime, Teal, Blue, and Pink is now one of my faves.

Perhaps I'll be on time for next month.
But somehow I doubt it...

Until next time.


Sketchbook Day 1

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get ready for Sketchbook!
Here's my first page :)
It's pretty simple and straight forward.
Clean lines, bold colors and very little technique.
(I added Maya Mist splatters to contribute some red to the page)

I used a lot of Sassafras on this! I love the company and have a lot in my stash, but rarely actually use any of it. Happy that I rectified that last night. Their new Starters line of papers are awesome backgrounds because theirs a bit more to them than just a neutral color.

These a few photos of Urijah playing in my kitchen. For some reason the people who decorated my apartment building put mirrors in all of the kitchens. Odd, I know! But that means I get 2 views of 1 sweet little boy in each of these photos.

Urijah loves to play with the baby in the mirror.
Or just hang out and chill.
Or open up all the cabinets and try to crawl into them.
Or bang on the pots and pans.

I love having him around to play!


Family Christmas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I just have to say kiddos + footie pjs + Chrismas = magic!

I think my nephew is adorable on any given day, but stick him in a pair of footie pjs...swoon! He's so cute I could eat him up!

I created this quick and simple page with the help of Shimelle's 4x6 Photo Love class, the March edition.

Christmas is my favorite! And I have a whole box full of Christmas supplies so it was only a matter of grabbing the box, picking some favorites, and following along with Shimelle's prompt.

There isn't a lot of technique on this one, other than using distress ink on the tags and the title. But there is a lot of layering.

I layered the letter stickers over the die cut.
And layered the glittery trees over the distress inked dies.
Then I layered a die cut border strip on top of a piece of plaid (gorgeous) Basic Grey paper and added some brads to give it dimension.

Now this is the first, of I'm sure many Urijah pages, you will be seeing over the coming month.
Because April is his birthday month! See, my lil guy is turning 2 on the 20th! (aahhh! I can hardly even believe it!) And I have this very simple goal when it comes to scrapping him: finish all of that age's scrapbook pages, before his next birthday. And I have largely succeeded in doing that. Maaainly because he's only turning 2 and I eeked in a years worth of pages at the final hour.

Want to know my secret?

Here it is: Sketchbook

It just so happened that at the beginning of April, Kelly Purkey launched her first online class. And it just so happened that I won a spot in said class, thanks to Lisa T!
And it also happens that I was unemployed and without much to do at the time.

So in that one 12 day class, I created 15 layouts for Urijah's Newborn book. I never would have done it without that extra push!

At the beginning of the year, I realized how far behind I was on Urijah pages. So I asked Ms. P about the possibility of another April class. Now, I'm not going to claim that it was all my idea but I definitely feel like I was an influencer of this one :) No need to thank me ;)

So if you haven't already, sign up.
(I think you still can)

You probably won't regret
(Although there are no guarantees)

And that's my 2¢


P.S. Whatever happened to the ¢ symbol?! I had to wikihow how to type it!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Ahh! Time has run away from me yet again (darn rabbit!) But I'm back today with the winner of this gorgeous print!

(I made the bed before I took this photo hehehe)

But without further adieu,
this print will be going home with....

Mandy! I'm e-mailing ya girl, so be on the look out :)