Bujo Update-January

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I think I finally found the perfect planner solution for me. I wrote about it a few months ago, when I was just getting started and now I'm back with an update. 

Bullet Journaling has become my most favorite method for keeping track of my life. I think it's because it's 100% customized to me and what I want to record and keep track of. It's holding me accountable. It's keeping me on task. It's also just fun! 

I'm still going strong with my Leuchtturm Hardcover Dot. And even though inks tend to bleed through the paper, it's been the perfect solution to my planner conundrum. This, for me, works! 

Scroll down to see some of my "trackers". These are the little beauties that keep my on task. I'm not 100% when it comes to updating them all the time. But I try not to beat myself up about it too much. Progress is progress! And 2016 has already been a big year of progress.

For all of you scrapbookers, here's what I'm tracking:
  • Class progress
  • Creative team assignments
  • Blog post ideas
  • Layout ideas
  • Social media
  • Project progress
  • Monthly blog posts
  • Layout goals
  • Maintenance/organization projects

I'll update again in the coming months. I'm only 1/3 of the way through the book so there will be plenty of updates in the future.

cheers & besos,

7th Anniversary

Monday, January 25, 2016

Well that passed quickly. Can't believe Matt and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary! We actually marked the occasion this year, so I had to scrapbook it. We usually forget because the day we call our anniversary is right between both of our birthdays, so there's a lot of other celebrating going on.

The page was made with the Scrapbook Circle Start Fresh kit and the Shine Bright (sold out) add-on. I loved those big numbers! And I totally took advantage of them being transparent. I love them laid out on top of each other. It helps reinforce the idea of all of the years running together and of them building on top of each other.
Because so much was going on with the numbers, I kept the rest of the page very simple. Title, journaling, a single embellishment cluster and a bit of patterned paper in the corner to balance it all out.

I blogged about this, which introduces a new challenge, over on the Scrapbook Circle blog. You'll have to head that way to hear more about it. I'm so excited about the concept!

cheers & besos,

Wedding Mini

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Last September, Matt and I were in Ohio for his little sister's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun time! The whole family knows I'm the resident scrapbooker so I was teased about what I might do with all of the photos I was taking.

For Christmas, I put together a very quick and simple mini book for the couple. I had a ton of photos, but I opted to make the whole thing just about the two of them. It came together really quickly with the help of the Best Day Ever Class Kit from Big Picture Classes.

cheers & besos,

Fit Introduction

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Anyone else with a New Year's Resolution to become more healthy? You too?! Have you stuck with it? Because I'm proud to say I have. We're 3 weeks into the new year and I'm still on top of this whole healthy lifestyle thing. I contribute a great deal of my success to this new class I'm taking: Fit with Cathy Zielske!
I love me some Cathy Z. She's just so charming. So I was super excited to hear about this year long class. If you were familiar with her Move More, Eat Well class, this is the newest iteration of it.

Personally, I'm viewing the class and its' lovely printables as the accountability partner I need to make this healthy life goal a reality. Here's a peak at my pages. If you're in the class with me (which, please say hi!) you'll notice I'm not using all of the prompts. This group felt more manageable to me so that's what I'm sticking with.

I also love that Cathy gave us layered .psd files so the colors in the printables are customizable. Which I think is why I'm loving these so much more! I'm working on another year long project and the color scheme I'm going for is pinks/reds, yellows and blues. So that's what I chose for this project too.

I'm planning to update any progress--and any victories--here on the blog. So you can keep my accountable too!

I'm a little nervous about starting a new month in a different country. But I have a plan and I'm determined to make it stick. I'm trying to set myself up for success. And I promise to keep you updated on the progress!

cheers & besos,

Sweetest Cards

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I have this thing with cards. I can't just make one of them! If I'm sitting down to make a card, I like to make them in batches. Which means when I make a card and I'm thinking about the design, I'm figuring out ways to make several of them!
I used the stamp set from this month's Elle's Studio release and also the cut file. Because stamps, cuts, punches, all of those can be used over and over again.
That cut is just the greatest. Like I mentioned earlier this week, it's one of my most favorite cuts ever! I love the texture it adds to my projects. So I knew I wanted to use it on some cards. You know, things that don't go in page protectors, that get held and touched and opened by human hands!
I cut out six of them and 1 in strips of 5 different sheets of paper from the Thankful collection. I heat embossed the stamp, cut it out and adhered it with foam dots. But before I did that, I dropped some mist and wrapped a bit of crochet thread around the card.
This were quick and simple to make, once I figured out the design I was going for. And I think "You're the Sweetest" is such a great alternative to "Thank You". It's even good for a "Thinking of You" card. I'm planning to send a few to some sweet ladies that I'm missing!

cheers & besos,