Telephone/Round Robin

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is a layout I did well over a year ago, for that mini Europe album I never got around to finishing =/ But I wanted to showcase it here because it features one important element...the telephone!

Remember that game we all played when we were younger, telephone. Where all the kiddos line up and someone whispers a secret and down the row it goes. But at the end, the secret has become this garbled message that doesn't hardly resemble the original.

Well, that's the challenge I'm hosting this coming week on Scrapbook Challenges. But instead of whispered secrets, we're passing along scrap-lifted layouts!! I'll pick an initial layout and send it to the first person who's signed up on the list. She (or he even) will scraplift that layout and then send her scrap-lifted layout on to the next person on the list. And so on and so forth.

Eventually, when the challenge is uploaded, everyone will be able to see the evolution of the scrap-lifted page. How fun is that?!

So to play along just become a member over at Scrapbook Challenges and sign up at this thread in the forum, in the Scrapbook Chat category. The deadline for signing up is this Thursday, June 24 by 8 pm CST.

I hope some of you all will come play!


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