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Friday, February 4, 2011

And just like that, one country is complete! This new system I started, obviously works for me. What I did differently, was print out 4 months worth of photos to scrap. Well, at least the country ones. Any of my other pages, I’m printing at here at home.
I wanted to do a page about the loveliness of the little ski town we stayed in, Kirchberg. It was so named for the city's green steepled Church. "Kirche" is German for church, or at least according to the online translator I used.

Brown was the theme color, but I wanted to warm it up with some orange, purple and cream. It was a tad more simple until I stamped that awesome floral in various places around the page. Then, jazzed them up with pearls and ink.

And of course I had to do a page about me actually snowboarding, the whole purpose of the trip! As my journaling says, I'm so no the outdoorsy adventurey type, but my friend Monica is very convincing. I had fun falling down the mountain, but realized snowboarding just isn't for me. Wouldn't have trade the experience for the world though!

1 country down, 20 some to go. I'm whittling away! This month's country is Norway. Stay tuned...


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