Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I was in a citrus mood.
Can you tell?
Yet another layout about me and the boy.
This pic is from New Years.
I made clay moustaches so we were giving each other moustacheo-ed NYE kisses.

And it all started in London.
Of course :)
I couldn't resist purchasing the whole Paddington line of papers from 7 Gypsies. And what's nice is that they're double sided (one white on black, the other black on white).

I went with the white on black because I think it makes the colors pop.

See, I had this idea to spray it down with Mister Huey. I wanted to jazz up the black and white, and subdue the high contrast. So I went to town with my new shades.

I used Bluegrass, Pickle, Hot Dog and Lemonade (don't you just love those names?!) and spread diamond glaze over the letters in London to highlight it.

The rest was easy peasy.
Just a few paper scraps and a handmade pinwheel, which features a chipboard star misted with Bluegrass.

It's a very simple layout.
With graphic appeal!


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