Mist-ery Solved

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I got crafty today! For the first time in awhile. It wasn't easy actually. I just wasn't feeling it today and haven't been for awhile.

But I made a list of three scrappy things that I felt I needed to get done today.

And guess what? They got done!

1. Mist Swatchbook
2. Card for Nana & Popo (check back tomorrow)
3. Finish Dear Lizzy class minibook (check back later this week!)

I even got a 4th scrappy project done, I finished a double page spread that I started last week. It's just been sitting on my desk staring at me every time I walked past. But hey, now it's done and in my scrapbook! No more half finished guilt for me!

Like I said, I wasn't really feeling it today. But I needed something to jump start my creativity and this little swatchbook was just the thing to do it.

Just look at all of those colors! I hadn't realized I had so many shades and I'm actually happy to find out that really only 1 or 2 are similar.

And also, I got to see how each of these sprays. Some of them are clogged pretty bad and didn't even "mist" (see MR Red and SC Calico Cream) and others left a pretty even coat.

All of these are tags were cut with my Papertrey Ink die [Fillable Frames #9] which only measures 1 1/2 x 2 1/2. I think it makes for the perfect size swatch. To finish, I just hooked them together with a binder ring. Voila!

Getting my hands all inky and dirty was just the trick to get me in a crafty mood. Check back tomorrow for that card I made for my grandparents [hint it's Hawaii themed].


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  1. Doesn't it feel great to get some projects done and marked off your list :)
    I keep meaning to make some type of swatch book for all my supplies.
    Good for you for completing this.