Art + Science of Scrapbooking Review

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Y'all know I'm the biggest fan of classes. I'm bordering on being a class-aholic. Technique, challenge, sketches. You name it I've signed up and taken it. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that one of my favorite classes was coming back around!!!

It's the Art + Science of Scrapbooking at Big Picture Classes. Seriously, one of the most creative concepts I've come across in a long time. Play with any products, use any of those photos you've been wanting to tackle just consider your approach in 2 distinct ways.

Here's what BPC has to say about the class:
Art + Science of Scrapbooking, 16 brain-boosting challenges to strengthen your creative process taught by Stacy Julian and Jennifer Wilson, starts May 15, 2014!

Class Description:
Are you a right-brained person who embraces possibility and spontaneity, thrives on imagination, relies on feelings, and thinks in symbols and images? Are you a left-brained person who practices strategy and order, finds comfort in facts, relies on logic, and thinks in words and language?

The answer to both questions is "yes!" In The Art + Science of Scrapbooking, a mind-bending workshop from Stacy Julian and Jennifer Wilson, you'll learn to harness the creative power of both sides of your brain.
In four illuminating weeks, right-brainer Stacy Julian and left-brainer Jennifer Wilson will help you embrace your natural cognitive strengths. But they'll also challenge themselves, each other, and YOU to find a new sense of balance and power as you explore the other side of your brain.

And also a lil video if you're a more visual person:

But here's what I have to say about the class:
I wonder how these two brilliant ladies thought of the concept because its so very inventive and really just darn creative!

Every week we went through two concepts (challenges). These included: Ideation, Process, Photos, Journaling, Color, Design, Product, Embellishing.

Each of the challenges has two videos. In the first, Stacy the right brained lovely and Jennifer the left brained genius issue each other challenges based on these concepts. Jennifer issues Stacy a left brained challenge and vice versa.

Then the next video is a response to the challenge. They share their page and talk a little bit about how easy or hard it was for them to complete the page. Which to me was the most interesting part!

Sometimes I easily identified with one or the other side of things. Sometimes I had done both approaches before. Sometimes neither felt like what I would do. But this was the whole point of the class! To try something different. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time and this was the perfect way to do that. A bit of a controlled experiment.

The class as a whole is awesome for new to intermediate scrapbookers who maybe haven't spent much time figuring out their own approach. If you fall into this category, the class is a great way to clearly understand how two people with very distinct approaches tackle these specific concepts and to see if you might like to approach it the same way.

But for me, being beyond even the intermediate stage, it was still so fun to take. I find that the longer I'm at this hobby the more the conceptual classes appeal to me. Less of this is how you do it (although I'm learning a lot from all of these mixed media classes I've been taking lately!!) and more of, here's a fun (and different) challenge or way of doing things.

Basically, I'm saying this class is fabulous for everyone, both new and seasoned scrapbookers :)

AND can I just add, you'll probably never regret taking a class from either of these fabulous ladies. Trust me when I say this, they're fantastic!

Have a look at the layouts I made:
7 pages! A few that are double paged and two of my most favorite layouts from the year =)

At the time I didn't have the chance to complete all the challenges. But I will definitely be going back through them. Looking at my pages all together points out that I took on more of Jennifer's left brained challenges and just one of Stacy's right brained. Maybe on this next run I'll focus more on the right!

Because.....I will be joining this class again
I'm lucky enough to be able to give away a seat to one of you!!

Leave a comment below, before Sunday, 20 April at 11:59 CST, for a chance to win a seat in the class. I'd love to hear how you start your pages, with a photo or a story?

If anything I've said or the video pointed out or you heard about the class has you interested, I totally recommend you to jump into this class. It's going to be fun!

Let me know if you have any questions about the class. I'm happy to answer anything or put you in touch with someone who can :)

cheers & besos,

P.S. In case you were wondering. I'm equally right brained and left brained. Best of both worlds!


  1. This class sounds really intriguing. I'm already signed up for a BPC class right now (and therefore have spent my "budget") but obviously would love to win a seat -- thanks for the chance. ~ Laura

  2. This class sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win a seat, but I couldn't wait and had to do sign up. I always start with a photo, then plan the page around the photo/s. The journal comes last because it is my weakest area. I'm working on that!!!

  3. This class sounds so interesting! I almost always start my page with the photo. I'm kinda terrible at journalling...

  4. Very intriguing! I'd love to take part in this class! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I'm interested to see how there two brains do similar things. I start my layouts with a photo and work around that.

  6. Oooh! I LOVE this concept! I'm definitely both, as a scientist and a scrapbooker, so it would be amazing to have a more objective class point out or at least make it more obvious which way I tend to lean when playing with paper. I think I usually start with a photo, but always keeping the story in mind. I mostly do PL these days, so it's more about mini-stories. Definitely intrigued by the class and would love to win a spot! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. This looks so fun! I start all my pages with a photo. That way I can choose colors elements and papers to match it. :)

  8. I sometimes start my pages with a photo... sometimes a product... sometimes a story.... sometimes a technique!! I scrapbook every day so I have a variety of ways I like to work :)

  9. That is an awesome chance to win!
    Sometimes I start my LO with a picture, but most of the time I know which papers I want to use and I search my huge pile of fotos for something that matches :)

  10. Wow, sounds like an awesome class! You made some rockin pages! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Great concept, I'm also a scientist and scrapper so I definitely like this approach! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  12. I'm analytical by day and creative scrapper at night! I always start with a story in my head, but don't seem to get it properly conveyed on the page! Sounds like my kind of class....thanks for the chance!

  13. I love how classes can spark your creativity. I would love to take this...

  14. Thank you for your insight on this class. I have been thinking about it, but my brain cannot help me decide :)

  15. I think this class looks fascinating. I will start layouts with either a photo or stories but my favorites are those that are story first! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Great pages! Thanks for the chance to win a seat in this class. It looks so interesting! I usually start with a photo but then sometimes there is a story that needs to be told, so I start there, or perhaps there is a product that I really want to use so I might build around that. I really depends on which side of my brain is engaged at that moment :) Debra (dptuffy)

  17. That class sounds awesome!
    I usually start with photos first then go from there but sometimes I'm inspired by a products and find photos to fit
    Thanks for the chance to win :D