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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I'm thinking this will be the title page for my 2016 album. It's a just for fun page that I made with the Fresh Start Scrapbook Circle kit. I love how it came together!

I recently organized my printed photos. I don't have a ton of them but now I'm able to find what I'm looking for, if I'm looking for something specific. It also meant that I had a good look at the photos from my childhood. I nabbed those boxes from Mama a few years ago.
One of the photos was of me on the front porch of our house. Can you see it there? I had on this blue dress with a matching blue bow. My mama says I was probably 4 in this photo. It was Easter time.

Simultaneously, I also had that very recent photo of me. I liked the juxtaposed and thought I had something there.
At some point, it crossed my mind that I had a 3rd photo I could use (the one in the middle). And it just happened to be sitting with this old Studio Calico rub-on that was basically a journaling prompt. It read: “I am….I can….I enjoy….I love….I think….I wonder….” So that’s what I used for my journaling.

I like this list. Some of those things have been true since I was 4 years old. Some were true at 18 and others are true at 31. And that, I think, makes this page very cool. At least to me!
I need to go back and add my age in each of the photos. I’m surprised I didn’t do that in first place! But looking back at it now, I’m realizing that’s what’s missing.
I really do love how this page turned out. And even though it’s kind of just a random page, I think I’m going to use it as my 2016 title page.

Tessa blogged about this over on the Scrapbook Circle blog if you'd like to read more.
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