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Monday, February 15, 2016

My grandma is one of my most favorite people in the world. She's the sweetest, kindest little lady. Exactly how you'd picture or want a grandma to be: loving, patient, fun! 

One of my favorite memories with Nana is the time she took me, my brother and my cousin to the waterpark. They have these really high water slides that can be scary for an 8 year old. My brother and my cousin teased me mercilessly about how scary it would be, so I chickened out and left them to ride. 

I walked back to Nana and told her about it. And she assured me that they weren't that scary and said we would ride on it together. So there was tiny young me and my grandma, climbing up the several flights of stairs and riding the ride together. 

She didn't want me to miss out because I was scared. And by doing it with me, she helped me get over that fear. I spent the rest of that summer flying down the "scariest" of water slides and having so much fun!

I didn't really realize until know, that that lesson has helped me my whole life. Conquer your fear Jamie, because what's waiting on the other side of that fear might be a lot of fun.
I used the February Scrapbook Circle kit and the Circle Round up challenge to make this page. The products reminded me so much of my Nonie. She loves flowers and rarely passes on anything leopard print. So the second I saw the pink leopard print I knew I wanted to scrapbook about her. And lucky me, we took a few cute photos together at Thanksgiving last year.
The page was created for the Circle Round up challenge which is basically a recipe challenge, take a bit of this a little of that, add some sprinkles and you’re done.

But I think what I was most inspired by was the challenge image, it's a few circles layered on top of each other. I'm such a big fan of all things circles that I used it as the starting point for the page, hand cutting three large patterned paper circles to serve as the foundation for the design.
Journaling reads: 
"People say I'm like her. If that's even a little bit sure, I'll take it. She's the sweetest person I know; so very loving, generous and kind. You can't help but love Nonie!"
I photographed this page using the newly launched Shotbox. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not. Anyone else have one? I'd love to hear what you think and am planning to write a review in the coming weeks!

cheers & besos,


  1. I love the story behind this layout. Grandmas are special. <3 The shotbox looks cool and the coloring on your layouts look perfect. =)

    1. Thanks Marina! Yes, I completely agree that they are!

  2. Love this page! Great papers, and great design :) And a sweet story. I don't have a Shotbox, but was very interested in it... however, the few people that I follow that have one have kind of sounded the same as you... unsure. Can't wait to see your review!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yeah, I'm wanting to have a good sense of it before I review it. But it's coming, promise!

  3. What a pretty lady your grandma is, and your layout beautifully conveys your special relationship. I haven't heard of the Shotbox and will be curious to read your thoughts!

    1. Awww, thanks Kathryn! She's a young grandma and I get my curly hair from her :)