Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When I was a little girl, I wrote my first "book". It was 3 pages long and consisted of 8 words. I can still recite it from memory. "The first day. The second day. The end." Yeah, so maybe I wasn't the most loquacious 6 year old. But if you heard me talk about it, the pictures told the story.

At that age, I was more interested in drawing the pictures that illustrated my book, than in bothering with the words. Today, not much has changed. I'm still much better at the visual rather than the verbal. It's much easier for me to convey emotion, tone, and context with color, texture and design. This blog is an attempt, no matter how feeble, to conquer both.

Now to the meat of it, my goals for this blog {{dum dum dum}}. They're pretty simple and straight forward. I mainly just want to get my stuff out there, have my own voice, pave my own way on the interweb (30 Rock) express. What can you expect? Lots of scrapbooking, tons of photos, and perhaps a challenge or two.

Oh, and a word about the blog name. I hear its a song by the All American Rejects--never knew that before. There's also a movie of the same name coming soon to a theater near you--pure coincidence (although I'm totally interested in checking it out!!). I simply liked it because you can read it two ways: Paper Art and Paper Heart. I think you can get my intended inference.

Well, to shut down this inaugural post I'll leave you with a note about my story. I still have to defend that first stab at literary genius. Much to my own personal chagrin, my parents bring it up on a fairly regular basis. No joke, not knowing what I was doing, my dad just quoted "The first day. The second day. The end" to me about 5 minutes into this blog post. Seems like I'll never live that one down. I'll have to see if Mama Leija can dig it out of storage.


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