Friday, August 14, 2009

"That is so stupid looking, it's great." -Frank Gehry

I have a long standing relationship with Mr. Gehry and his architecture. Well a guess not that long. But as of 2006, I was officially a fan of this lovely eclectic architect. While some critics believe his work is merely an architectural spectacle, I can't help but disagree. I'm no critic nor an architecture aficionado but I definitely have a reaction to any space of his, that I am privileged to encounter. There's something so alive an energetic about his work. The way light is incorporated into his designs, and how they change as the day wears on and the seasons change. I'd wager, you'd rarely see the same "building" twice.

After living in Bilbao, and seeing the gorgeous Guggenheim Museum (picture on left) out of my window everyday, I truly became of fan of Mr. Gehry's work. Then in '08, Kori and I ran across another Gehry, at the DG Bank in Berlin, Germany (picture on right). His work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. The organic feel of his work, the texture, the depth and the perspective are all part of the creative genius that is Frank Gehry.

If you haven't already, rent Sketches of Frank Gehry. You'll learn a little about architecture, gain a better insight into what it takes to create these modern marvels, and you may just come away inspired.


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