Sunday, September 13, 2009


March 11, 1960-September 10, 2009

When you think of Mexicans, you think of family. It's something so ingrained in our culture, its hard to live down that stereotype. Honestly though, we really don't want to live down that stereotype. My family has been a constant source of unconditional love and never ending support. Whatever hare brained scheme I've conjured up, such as, I don't know, moving across the world (twice), they've been there with me through it all. Never doubting me and always so proud. And even though I was away from them for so long, we still pick up like we never left off. I hate to paint an idyllic picture, because we are far from it. But no one can say that we aren't close.

This week has tested the limits of our family, probably as far as they will ever go. While three truly significant events transpired this week, the most significant was the lose of an uncle. After 8 months of battling a truly horrendous breed of cancer, Uncle Joe finally found peace. Its hard to believe that he's actually gone. It's hard to believe that he won't come through the door, exclaiming "My Mamies!" and giving cariños. Or that I won't be going there, to sit with him, to talk to him, and to pray with him. I'm thankful that he's no longer suffering. But I mourn for him. I mourn for my grandparents. And I mourn for my father. My pain is nothing compared to theirs.

I'm grateful for the time I did get to spend with him, especially these last few months. Funny how being unemployed does have its perks. I never would have been able to spend the time I was able to, with him. I'll never forget the loving advice and kind words he imparted. He will be dearly missed.


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  1. Very beautiful, I just lost my uncle and needed some help remembering him through a display. May God Bless you and your family