Sunday, November 1, 2009

In my own personal life, 2009 has met with plenty of challenges. But I'm not going to delve into that right now. This blog is about a good kind of challenge, and what else could it be but a scrapbooking challenge!!

I'm hosting 4 challenges this month, over at Three are part of the {Young Scrappers} thread and one is a Twilight Challenge in honor of this month's premiere of New Moon!

I'm going to take a second here to plug 2Ps (as its faithful band of followers have aptly dubbed it), which is, in my opinion, the best scrapbooking site on the internet. Not only can you shop there (and believe me I do) but they have an amazing forum for meeting fellow scrapbookers. I'm an active member on the General Scrapping message board and have found a niche for myself on the aforementioned Young Scrappers hread. 2Ps also hosts fun events such as Stamptoberfest, (which I recently participated in) National Scrapbook Day, as well as Weekly Challenges and various classes. All with the chance for awesome prizes and 2Ps gift certificates. So in honor of 2Ps and as a way to give back to this awesome website, I opted to host a few challenges.

The first is the Just Scrap! Challenge for November's Young Scrappers thread. For the chance to win a $10 2Ps gift certificate, simply scrap to your hearts content. Anything and everything is eligible to win, as long as you check the Young Scrappers challenge box during the uploading process.

I'm also hosting 2 mini-challenges for the chance to win a $5 2Ps gift certificate. Same rules apply, be sure to check the appropriate challenge box during the 4th step of the uploading process.

November 1-15 is a Thanksgiving/Gratitude challenge. I created this layout of last years' Thanksgiving, primarily using Making Memories Autumn Leaves collection. Of course, this memorializes all of our MBA buffet goings. And actually catches all of us in nearly 1 photo.

November 15-30 is a Holiday challenge and a chance for everyone to get caught up on their holiday cards and layouts. I created this layout of last years Christmas. Sarah and I were traveling at the time. We spent it on a beach in Lombok, Indonesia, soaking up some sun and immersing ourselves in the Twilight series.

Which brings me to my last challenge. A general Twilight Challenge in honor of New Moon hitting theaters on November 20. I'm such a Twilight geek, I had to host this mini-challenge. Sadly, I don't have my own Twilight layout to display but hopefully, I'll finish it soon.

So that's my grand contribution to the scrapbooking world this week. If you aren't already, be sure to check out 2Ps and participate in one of my challenges!


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