Christmas Come Early

Monday, November 9, 2009

I got to work early this year! I wanted to make sure I had time to get all of the products I wanted and that they came out great! Plus, I had to make 40 of them! Nearly everything is Making Memories, from this years' Mistletoe line. I adore this paper and was so glad to find it at Scrapbook 911, my now favorite local scrapbook store. Don't even get me started on what's going on over at the debunked Scrapbook Heaven. I miss the good old days. When I was 16 and had my first job there. It was the best first job I could have ever asked for. Too bad things changed so drastically under the new management. But that's neither here nor there. {{Sigh}}

And this is a special one for my dear friend Sarah. Had to commemorate our last Christmas in Lombok and that she's spending this Christmas in Australia. This was an idea I had in my head ever since we were in Lombok. Once I found this amazing Jolee's palm tree, I had to use it! Happy early Christmas everyone!



  1. Great cards love the tropical Christmas so unique!

  2. I seriously love your cards. I'd totally buy them!

  3. i *LOVE* that tropical xmas card jamie! so cute!