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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some of you might have noticed the new look to the blog, along with a different name. I haven't officially changed the name of the blog or anything, just trying something new. But I found the name to be particularly appropriate, given my current job, which deals with the energy sector. Of course I'd move to Houston and get a job in energy! There doesn't seem to be anything else going on here.

Since starting work nearly three months ago, I've learned far more about the industry, than I thought I would. Including what unconventional oil refers too. I won't bore you with the nuances, it's really pretty dry. But at least I'm still learning, moving forward and starting my career. I don't know if I'll stay in energy, but I'm happy to have some experience under my belt.

Seeing as I started a new job, aged another year and moved to a new city, I figured it was time for a new scrapbook. I'm planning to use this as my cover page. What else is new? The 8.5x11 format and the fact that it's an entirely digital page. There's nothing fancy about it, but I had some fun with the text and added a Winding. Love those lil buggers!

So here's to a new beginning, and finally settling into it all!


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