Savings Mini

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm so excited to share my latest mini with yall!! Eek, it's my favorite one I've made this year I think!

The other day I was listening to a Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, #38 A Metaphysical Bandwagon. It was an episode featuring the lovely Shimelle. They were discussing how to use scrapbooking to accomplish a project or goal and it really inspired and helped me to come to a creative way of solving an issue of mine.

This mini is literally going to help me accomplish one of my New Year's resolutions (be sure to check back tomorrow for that post) and that is to save for my big purchases of 2011.

Thanks to Shimelle, Noell and the gang, I came up with the idea to create an envelope mini to stow away monies. Due to the wonders of online shopping, having money sitting in my bank account has just proved to be too tempting! I figure if I pull it from my bank account and put it in an envelope, it might stick around a bit longer and I can actually afford the few big purchases I so desperately wanna buy!

The mini is created out of some A2 envelopes that I got from Paper Source the other day. The color is persimmon and just so gorgeous.

I bought these Basic Grey magnetic buckles for a friend and didn't really know what it meant that they were magnetic. Or at least I didn't think about it. I just assumed they were ribbon buckles. But they turned out to be the perfect "lock" for my little saving mini!

Each envelope is decorated with a Hambly rub-on (they sent me a fun product pack for commenting on their blog the other day. Actually it's kismet! My comment was about Shimelle and Hambly being a perfect fit and look at me creating a mini inspired by Shimelle and using Hambly product!), a photo of what I'm saving for, a die cut $ symbol and a date for roughly when I'd like to have saved the money.

I'm saving for a new Macbook. My current laptop screen has a crack in it :( Plus, it's 4 years old. It's time for an upgrade.
I'm saving for some furniture for the apartment. There's only the couch in the living room at the moment. I need some new seating. Loving this geometric print chair from West Elm (where we bought the couch) and a comfy one from Ikea.

I'm saving for a trip to Istanbul. Work is sending me to the UK in March and I'm totally going to take advantage of my international plane ticket and taking some time to do some of my own traveling. Istanbul was one of the countries I so wanted to visit, but just didn't have the time or the money.

I'm saving for some new shades. My dad has this pair. Let's just say I nearly relieved him of his pair when I came home from Christmas.

I'm saving for a new camera. I'm half way there! I ordered this camera over Thanksgiving, but the site I ordered from was out of stock so they gave me the option to cancel. I just decided to save my money and put it toward Christmas. I so want it before my trip to Europe!!

And here's some money tucked away. I love my new little mini! I hope I can save some this year, and this little guy will definitely help with that. Happy Saving!



  1. Cute idea! Love the envelopes and the design!!! Fabulous!!!!

  2. Jamie I love it!!! I might have to borrow your idea for my wedding savings that I need to be doing!

  3. LOVE this idea! adorable design :)
    (and im totally going to stow away on your side trip to Istanbul- you need to make another page about needing a GIANT new suitcase- heh heh!)

  4. This is a fabulous idea for a mini Jamie! I know I have several things I want to purchase but like you said, having my money just sit in my bank account is VERY tempting! Online shopping is my weakness!

  5. This is SUCH a fantastic idea! Love the colors you chose and how you put this together... it's so great! I may have to consider something similar to help me save for all my purchases as well... camera included!

  6. love this. great way to see your progress!

  7. You are so flipping good!!!!!!!!!! I want one of these books for my wishlists