Resolution 2011 Mini

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So I was suppose to have this post up 2 days ago (meep!!) but me being me (read: Latina) of course it's taken me this long to get around to it. I'm not so bothered. I had a fun New Years celebrating in Austin with my besties!

But on to my mini....

I walked around Paper Source for the first time last week. It's a shame really, that's its taken me so long to go in there. Especially considering it's under a mile away and I can walk there in less than 10 mins! But the store was cute and fun and I'll most definitely be going back.

I loved their wall of envelopes!! Stacks upon stacks of gorgeous envies in all colors of the rainbow. The A2 size in persimmon came home with me and I knew just what to do with them (see Savings Mini), but they were also the launching point for another mini, my resolutions one. I love the orangey red hue and when I saw the goldfish wrapping paper, figured that needed to make its way home with me too!

The actual book is a mixed media type, complete with envelope, kraft card, and mini file folder (also from Paper Source). And I went with a red orange/orange/teal/white color scheme.

This year, I decided on 11 resolutions/goals to work toward this year. They are in no particular order, but some are more important to me than others. Oh, and there are 3 scrappy goals mixed in as well...

1. Budget/Save.

I have actual income!! Waa hoo!! After 19 months of being unemployed, you have no idea how it feels to actually be making money again. But I'm not in college anymore. I need to spend responsibly and with restraint (oh darn...) I concocted up that Savings Mini from the last post, and worked out a budget for myself this year.

2. Volunteer More.

I've always been a big volunteer-er. I like getting involved in making a difference and spending my time doing worthwhile things. But, it's been a few years since I've been really active. And now that I'm in a new city, I figure it's time to start volunteering again. And hey, maybe meet some new people along the way.

Scrappy Goals:

3. Use more/buy less. 'Nuff said!

4. Improve photography and photo editing skills.

5. 2011 is the year of the enlarged photo!

6. Use/Learn Spanish.

Just improve I guess. I'm not fluent by any means, and I could get buy if push came to shove, but I really need to learn more and use it often!

7. Get involved in the Houston community.

Ok, so less whinging about how much I hate Houston and more embarking on new adventures and meeting new cool people. In a city of 3 million, there has to be some new friends out there! I want to find a church. I want to find a group to crop with it. I want to meet new people!

8. Purge and donate quarterly.

So this is totally a scrapbooking goal but also could be a house cleaning one as well. This last move was such a nightmare. I truly don't need all this stuff!! In an effort to stay on top of things and not leave it until it's time to move again, I'd like to keep as tight and simplistic as possible. This is going to be such a challenge. I see value in everything! But I want to strive for more minimalism in 2011.

Oh and scrapbookers, I've found a very good way to get rid of those extra supplies! Contact your local city adoption agency, there's a program they do with children called Life Books. They're always looking for supplies! I donated a huge box and bag to them last year and they were so grateful.

9. Move more, Eat Less.

Totally inspired by Cathy Zielske but also because I need to. I was just diagnosed with diabetes. I HAVE to get in shape now. My life could truly depend on it!

10. Run a 10k marathon.

Because how else will I know I'm accomplishing No. 9!

11. Reconnect with friends.

Thanks to Mountbatten, I have a whole network of friends the world over. Mainly, everyone's here in the US, but all so spread apart. I want to see everyone that I can! I miss my second family so much! I'm coming for you Claire, Zahra and Monica! Hopefully, you too Becky and Sarah!

So that's them! All 11 of 'em. I think for the most part I focused on things that are less quantitative and more qualitative [quality being the operative word]. I don't want to be caught up in numbers and achievements. I just want to do more.

Shimelle was talking about her NY's resolutions minis on the PRT podcast, and she shared how she keeps her's out in the open, so she's reminded of them all of the time. I decided to do the same. It's front and center, on the shelf above my desk.

Again, Happy New Year yall!!



  1. Another fab mini Jamie! Hope you keep all of your resolutions. They're all wonderful!

  2. great resolutions! now i get why you liked my SC gallery layout :) i say go for it! and i'm planning on running a 10K this year too. i did it a few years ago, it's very doable. i cheer you on!