No. 143-The Scrap Space

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tada! My scrap space!! You might have seen it before I moved; it was featured over on the Scrapbook Trends blog. But it’s back in a different form, definitely new and very much improved...and full of a whole lot more stuff!

I’ve embraced my small space and configured it to maximize my flow and my organization. Since it is very small, just a corner of my bedroom, I had to think “up” rather than “out”.

The hanging baskets, the floating shelf and the curtain rod, all help to utilize as much vertical space as possible, since I don’t have any more ground room for new bookcases.
I love that I can have inspiration right in front of me as well, and tools within grabbing distance.

I hope to make many a great project at my little crafting station. Hopefully, you’ll see some of it in the coming months!

Also, any questions about the storage featured here, please feel free to ask :)



  1. That's a nice little set-up ya got there, Jamie :)

  2. Thanks for showing us your space! I love to see how fellow scrappers set up there space!!