Big Girl Shoes

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, a layout! Finally! I feel like it’s been awhile since I posted one of these, what with all the other projects going on.

It’s actually very old. Well, old in scrapbook terms. I started on it back in September. It was nearly all done then, I just had a few things I knew I wanted to add, but didn’t have the tools or the time to finish it (I was transitioning, half of my stuff was in Houston and the rest was in San Antonio).

The core of the layout was there, the gorgeous Dear Lizzy ticket stubs, the ribbon, the journaling, title, layout, photo. I just added the dangly tag, featuring a Slice cut stiletto shoe, punched the edges to make it look like a ticket, and added the outside line.

But enough of the layout, I want to talk about the details. I was so inspired to meet Dear Lizzy herself, back in August. She was so cute and sweet and kind, just exactly how you’d imagine her to be. She’s such a girly girl and I love that about her. And her girliness definitely makes its way into her projects and products. The ticket stubs from the Enchanted line just ooze “sugar, spice and everything nice” but most notably, emblematic of something at the very core of every little girl, her hopes and wishes and dreams.

I was so inspired by the lady and by her products, that I couldn’t not scrap one of my own dreams. One that actually became a reality.

It seems like I’ve been working toward this goal forever, well actually it’s been 20 years in the making. I started school when I was 5 and worked my butt off to get the kind of job I’ve always dreamed of doing. And while it isn’t perfect, nor exactly like the dream, I’m on my way to making a career out of what I’ve worked and studied for all of my life.

Traveling and me have been compadres for many years now. It’s the one thing that I love to do above all others. It’s the one thing I’ll save up my money for. It’s the one thing I dream about. It’s the one thing I long to do. Especially since I started college, I wanted to find a career that involved traveling. International business was what I choose to study. I even have my MBA in International Business Practice to boot. For all that hard work, and all of the waiting, and all of the freaking out at the recession, last September I landed a job doing exactly what I always wanted to do, working in international business.

It isn’t perfect and it isn’t my “dream dream” job but it’s exactly where I want to be and is exactly what I want to be learning, from the ground floor up (and believe me, I’m at the ground floor). I feel so very fortunate to be using the degree I paid all that money and spent all that time for, not very many people are as fortunate as I.

Thanks Dear Lizzy, for pursuing what I’m sure are your dreams, so that I could scrap my own!
Oh, and a note about the title, it comes from an Ingrid Michaelson song. I’m crap with song names, but I do know it’s on her Girls and Boys album. It was the launching off point for a layout about my big girl job.

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