Saturday, December 31, 2011

I gave everyone photo gifts this year. It was cheap(ish), easy and personalized.

For my Grandparents, I made a book inspired by Elise Blaha's home photo book.

At Thanksgiving, I photographed their house. It's the central nervous system of my Leija side of the family. The place we gather for all of the holidays and where I spent every Sunday as a kid for dinner.

It's tiny, it's old but I like to think of it more as cozy and lived in.

My Grandparents, knowing how I am, asked no questions when I showed up at their door with my camera. They let me be as I walked around snapping away. I ended up shooting around 300 photos for this 36 page book.

Obviously, not all of them made it in. And today, I'm not sharing all of the pages. Just a sampling of the book and one of the houses that built me.

[Photo of Back Cover to come!]

Unfortunately, I wasn't around on the day my Grandma opened the gift. I didn't get the chance to see their faces and watch as they looked through the pages.

My Mama reported back that my Nana had opened the book and first saw the back cover. Her comment was "What a pretty little table." Not at all realizing yet that it was her table, in her own backyard.

I think they liked it. I hope they did!

Mostly, I'm just happy I have a copy for myself. So I'll always remember.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I used Blurb.


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