Vintage Photos

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My nickname as a baby (and actually still to this day) was Chubby. I had rolls up my arms and legs, chipmunk cheeks and a double chin. But man was I a cute kid. You'll see, just scroll down.

I had fun going through my baby photos the other day, as I was looking to take part in a Glitter Girl Adventure. This week, she challenged us to use our vintage photos.

I specifically went hunting around for photos of myself and my dad. He's been on my brain a lot lately. You see, he's turn 50 this week! My big sweet Papa is officially leaving his 40's behind. And so, I wanted to make a page about us and our relationship, featuring some of our great vintage photos.

The journaling is about us and how similar we are to each other. How in the hospital on the day I was born, he noticed I had a small birthmark on my chin. And that, as he tells is, is how he knew I didn't get switched in the hospital. Despite this guarantee, there has never been any doubt that I'm his daughter. We're so insanely alike in character it isn't even funny. We're both quiet and reserved, we think before we speak, we love to travel and he's where I get my art gene. We also don't get along so great sometimes, because we're so much alike. We're both stubborn & hard headed. But despite that, he's the best Papa I could have ever asked for. He's so supportive and always full of love.

I dug into my stash and used the Tap Dance add on from my Studio Calico Singin' in the Rain kit. There was a lot of Crate Paper goodness in there and they are really great about using creams, as Shimelle Glitter Girl suggests for older photos.

The main kit came with those so great buttons and I wanted to use them, so taking a page out of Jill Sprout's scrapbook, I linked them all with twine.

It ended up being a very girl page. But I'm sure he won't mind. That's another great thing about my Papa, he never minded going to see stupid girly movies with me & my mom. He'd never say no to any of my suggestions, like when I wanted to go see Wicked (the Wizard in Oz themed musical) last time we were in NYC. He wasn't even a bad sport when I drug him all around Soho looking for the perfect graduation dress. He was just happy to be spending time with me =)

I think from the get go I had him wrapped around my little finger. I mean just look at this chubby cheeked baby. Could you ever say no to her?

See, I wasn't kidding about those chubby cheeks. Do you think I could give Lucy Claire Howell a run for her money? :) I used another older Studio Calico kit, Lawn Party & the Rope Swing add on, which also featured some fabulous Crate Paper products.

The page is about how I was born with hazel eyes and how they stayed hazel for several months before they eventually turned brown. My parents weren't that great about taking photos, so I'm so happy they captured at least this one photo of me and my hazel eyes.

I had fun going through my box of vintage photos and picking out some to share a bit of family history. I'll never be able to scrapbook all of them, but it's great to be able to share some of our stories. I know I focus so much on present day events and everyday life stuff, but I think it's important to share where it was that we came from as well.

Have you scrapped any vintage photos lately? I'd love to see what you did with them. Link them up in the comments & I'll stop by to take a look!

cheers & besos,


  1. this turned out great!!! love all the patterns and YES, you are a super cute baby!!!

  2. Such sweet layouts, and yes you were a cute chubby baby ;)