Color Theory

Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm loving the new Studio Calico Color Theory paper pack. They make for the perfect neutral background with just a teeny bit of visual interest. I've already made 3 pages with them, including the Work Trip one I shared last week.

Here are two more:
First up is an Ireland page. I had a few votes and Ireland got more than one, so Ireland photos I will do! I used a wheat colored background and lots of green and yellow to help draw out the highlights from this photo. This was a total stash buster too! I went for a mix of really old stuff and some brand new. Love it when that happens!
This second page is one of the few food based pages I have in my scrapbook. I'm soooo not a foodie, but I will literally fly thousands of miles for this plate of goodness. Yuuum...chicken katsu curry. I drool.

This whole layering paper thing, it's sooo not my strength! I love the way this looks on other people's pages but for some odd reason, it's so hard for me to do. I literally took an hour to come up with just that. And then, only in the last few minutes did I figure out how I could incorporate that 3x4 striped card.

I've also gotta mention that both of these are based off of Simple Scrapper sketches. Lately, they're my number one starting point! What's got your inspired to scrapbook lately?

cheers & besos,

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