Love Again

Monday, March 10, 2014

Morning y'all! Happy Monday =) I hope everyone had the best of weekends. I know I did. It was relaxing and quiet. Exactly what I needed.

I started out on Saturday by making a decision. I wasn't going to worry about checking things off my to do list. I wasn't going to sit down to force myself to finish my February project life. I was just going to go with the flow and not feel guilty.

Oh man, was it awesome! I also went totally old school with my scrapbooking. Old school in the sense that, I didn't try to scrap something from my list. Instead, I browsed through my photos and picked a few I felt like scrapbooking. Then I just did!
Here's the first page I did. Just for fun! I started with a Simple Scrappers sketch from this month's Spark mag and a prompt from last month's Spark mag. And then I just went for it. I happily used some scraps from my SC Antiquary scrapbook kit and from there took the cue and went for the ice cream embellishing. 
I kind of really like that my page is about one thing and my embellishing is about another thing. The theme of everything is love but in two totally different ways. I'll liken it to a song being about one thing and the music video having a different concept. Weird analogy I know! But just popped into my head for some reason.
There's a lot of embellishing on this page. But I'm not bothered. I like the mix of ink and enamel dots, ice cream stamps and stars.
So happy to have made more layouts. And really, just a little too happy to not be doing pocket pages. I always love them when they're done. But for me, they just take a whole lot of time! Which is why, for the month of March I'm taking a break.

I know I'll get back to this project in the next month or so. But for now, I just need some time away from pocket pages.

So expect more layouts from me this month. With 3 done this past weekend, I think I'm off to a great start!

cheers & besos,


  1. Your journaling -- oh, my heart!

  2. This page is gorgeous! Love the sentiment and love your embellishment clustering.

  3. Love everything you used on this layout, and what a sweet kitty pic!