Crazy Summer

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lazy hazy crazy days of summer is only about 2/3 right. Erhmahgawd you guys! I'm soooo tired! Can I tell you about my week? Or at least the last 10 days.

  1. Last Friday I woke up, packed a bag, went to work and then got on a plane to London. 
  2. Saturday I arrived in London. I tried to psych myself up to do something. But I just couldn't. Too jet lagged! So I bought some groceries and read my book.
  3. Sunday was a day spent walking around my favorite city in the world. It was much needed.
  4. Monday was the first of our training days. We were in presentations the entire day. It wasn't as bad as it sounded. But it was a lot for a Monday. Especially considering it was a Monday after a particularly exhausting weekend.
  5. Tuesday was another half day of presentations. Then we packed up and headed to the airport for a flight to Aberdeen.
  6. Wednesday was spent driving around Aberdeen, getting more info and training. Getting back on a bus to catch a flight to Newcastle. Once we got to Newcastle, it was straight into a client reception. Everyone was exhausted at this point. But our clients are lovely and always accommodating. They make it worth it.
  7. Thursday was spent driving around Newcastle. More presentations and more meetings. Followed by a train to London.
  8. Friday was my flight back to the US. The 10.5 hour flight wasn't as terrible as it sounds. But still exhausting!
  9. Saturday morning, while still jet lagged, MT and I drove to San Antonio. I immediately got dressed and then headed to my cousin's wedding.
  10. Sunday, as in today, we woke up and drove back to Houston. After a crazy hectic 10 days, I'm finally home!!! 

Taking all of the above into consideration and the fact that right before this I was away on a 7 day vacation in which we visited 3 different cities/2 countries. Yeah, I'm the kind of tired that I can feel deep down in my bones.

Please do not get me wrong, I'm soooooooo blessed to be able to do this. But I hope this explains why I've been neglecting this little old blog of mine.

But let me switch gears to tell you what I'm excited about.

  • Simple Scrapper Summer Focus Retreat! I need to go print my workbook :) I think today is the last day to sign up so get on it if you haven't. It's gonna be fantastic!
  • The progress I've made on my Pacific Northwest scrapbook pages
  • A fully digital page I just made:
I used a Pinterest find as the basis for this page. I just absolutely loved the design! I'm excited I was able to use it. I'm STILL figuring out this whole digital thing. But it's getting easier.

...and I think I've just hit my wall. But I'm also now happy I can add blogged to that list. I'll check back with you all soon I promise. I just need a few dozen naps. 

cheers & besos,

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