Make Magic

Monday, November 24, 2014

I have the first of my Simple Scrapper creative team assignments to share! The December theme is all about magic. Let me tell you, it was so inspirational. I had a lot of ideas for magic and the story starters helped me narrow it down to something I was so excited to write about. The magic of creativity! 
Part of our assignment was to use an older sketch and I adored this one with paired with the Walden PL kit. I made a each of these into mini "books" using washi tape, since this is all about the magic of creativity and scrapbooking.
Journaling Reads:
"For me, creating is magic. And scrapbooking is my favorite creative outlet. It starts with an idea, a foggy thought and grows into a tangible thing.  A page and later a book, something you can pick up, touch and hold."

"Scrapbooking feeds my creativity. It keeps my brain synapses firing. It pushes me to think differently, come at a problem from another angle. It stretches my imagination and means I get to build with my hands. How often do we get to do that anymore?"

"I don’t do it often enough, but I absolutely love looking back at my scrapbooks. Getting lost in the pages and the adventures; looking back at my life and cherishing the wonderful memories I’ve managed to cultivate.  Scrapbooks have the power to stop time. Memories forever preserved in glossy photos paired with pretty papers."

"I love that every page I make surprises me. I love knowing there are creative projects and pages inside me already and all I have to do is sit at my desk and let them come out. My next favorite layout is percolating somewhere in my brain, waiting for the right photo, right story, right sheet of pretty paper. I actually think about this a lot. For me, that’s so exciting!"
"And these scrapbooks all lined up on my shelves, not only do they hold my stories, they also hold their own particular brand of magic. My magic. The magic of a life I’ve concocted. The product of my creativity spun out across the page, each layout a time capsule."
I had a lot of fun playing with this color combo and the star elements. I especially love those a transparency stars from the Poet Society PL kit.

Heidi Swapp's Cherish stamps were also so appropriate for a page about scrapbooking.
For my fellow Simple Scrappers watch out for this one in the December Spark magazine. Catch y'all on the Facebook group!

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