Scrap Space Vol. 2

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hiya! It took more than a minute for me to update here. Sorry about that. But I had a really good reason I promise! This furry little girl came to live in our house last Friday. She's lovely and high energy and making me soooo tired. It's been a big adjustment for everyone in the house, Mac included. But we'll get there.
In the meantime I wanted to start by share my desk.

I scrap in my bedroom against the window. It's a small space but it has really good light. The biggest hurdle is battling the cat who loves to sit on the laptop. Prime retail for peeping out the window at neighbors. 

On the right side of my desk is my Silhouette, paper trimmer, pens/pencils/rulers holder, and my Raskog. Plus a lamp, my sticky notes and a penguin key chain for good measure.
The desk is kind of like a sawhorse and I have built in storage, in the form of two shelves.
The basket on the top shelf holds in-progress layouts. Or ones that I pulled product for but haven't actually put the page together.

The bottom shelf holds a basket with some lesser used tools and other craft supplies. A mousepad for paper piercing. An old tupperware for squirting acrylic paint into. My Xyron is in there. I also have a circle cutter in the back. I don't get into this basket very often. Which is why the Raskog lives on this side of my desk. 
Here's the Raskog. I'm planing to do a whole post on this thing because it holds a lot of different supplies.
On the left hand side of my desk is my printer. My Canon Pixma is pictured but it died a few months ago. An Epson has taken it's place.

On the shelves below are a few boxes and the only plastic bins I have. The top shelf is where my extra ink pads and other stamping paraphernalia are housed. You can only just see it but it's also where I keep my Silhouette cutting mats.

My punches live in the plastic bins on the bottom shelf. I still have a ton of these but I gave even more away. I also have a smaller bin for my corner rounder and hole puncher since I use those more.
And that's my desk! I have a lot of workable space but it still isn't enough. Especially since I tend to spread out when I scrap. If I'm working with a kit for example, I usually have all of the kit pieces laid out on my bed right behind me. I like being able to see everything all at once. 

Because of how the desk is built, I can access a lot of different supplies without getting up. It such a great table for that! Here's a similar one that looks a bit smaller [Pier 1] and I found another from [PB Teen]

I'll update soon with the other big furniture pieces in the corner of my room.

Since this series is all about my re-organized and de-cluttered scrap space, I also wanted to take a second to chat about Simple Scrapper's upcoming event: Stash Bash! It's an organizing/stash busting party. The format is very much choose your own adventure when it comes to focusing on either organizing or using your stuff.  I had so much fun cranking out layouts the last time I participated in Stash Bash (see here). Two of my six layouts even made it in my Top 14 of 14 post.

The fun runs July 14-20 so click over to find out what it's all about. Jennifer's even offering a promo to participate in Stash Bash and get 3 months of membership free. An awesome opportunity to find out what this community is all about. Also, I just read the fine print. If you take that route your membership after the 3 months is at a discount, $3 off every month. Win-win-win!

Ok, off to snuggle a puppy. Have a great July 4th weekend!

cheers & besos,


  1. Congrats on your new furry family member. Your space is so lovely and organized! I'm hoping to have my "own" craft room by the end of the summer. Hope it looks half as neat as yours =)

    1. Thanks Marina! I hope you get your space :)