Doublemint Twins

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I hereby give any scrapbooker permission to copy any page they've ever made, and this pertains to either the design OR subject matter. That's what I did last month when I was working with the Good Cheer Scrapbook Circle kit.
Last Christmas I took a photo with my twin cousins, Nina and Mia. Looking at the photo made me remember the page I created in 2009 (left) of the 3 of us on Christmas. So I decided to make a new page (right) and call it the same thing.
This was for the Take 2 Challenge on the Scrapbook Circle blog. I lifted a page from Gina's Make it Happen gallery.
I love seeing these two pages side by side. It just helps me appreciate the passage of time. Which, I'm sure, anyone with children already knows all about.
Since I'm in San Antonio this year, I'll definitely have to snap a photo of the 3 of us tonight. It's now a little tradition!

cheers & besos,

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