Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hello dear friends. I'm back. Still healing, but it's getting a little bit better every day. So thank you for your patience with me. Really, it means that I have more to share in a shorter window of time :) So more posts than usual this month!

I'd like to start with the winner of the Scrapbook Circle RAK I posted about awhile back. The winner of it + a hot off the presses only available to SBC subcribers "Tell Your Story" tote bag is.......

Congrats Pennie! I'm e-mailing you just after this =)

Sorry for the slightly hodge podge post, but I also wanted to share one of my latest Simple Scrapper pages. This was in the November edition of Spark Magazine. I used Sketch No. 188 (for any members to refer to) and a story starter from the November content.

Speaking of hodge podge, the page was made from leftovers of the Scrapbook Circle kits I purged for the giveaway. I love love love how quirky it is! The color scheme totally surprised me but I really love how it turned out. Might be because I love this story and fondly remember this day.

Journaling Reads:

For most of us, this was our first Thanksgiving away from home. It was definitely the first time Monica, Haileigh and I had ever cooked a turkey. But I think that’s the magic of this day in our history. There were twenty of us gathered around the string of tables we collected from each others apartments. I look at this photo and remember so many awesome memories with these people. Silly times in this flat specifically. Kyle busting into the Lion King intro towards the end of this meal. It would easily have been a sad a day for many of us, being so far from family. But then I think we all realized, we’d found family even far away from home.

I know I chose a winner for my Scrapbook Circle left over goodies. BUT, you can actually buy goodies too. Lisa has some $15 grab bags up for sale. You get a TON of lovely bits and baubs from a variety of manufacturers.

Thanks again, y'all for being so patient with me and for your kind words. They mean so much to me!

cheers & besos,


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  2. I'm so grateful to have won your giveaway. It's nice to see you posting again. I love the way your page is simple, even with three photos. I struggle with scrapping more than one, but realize that's a bit impractical with all the pictures I take. In Japan it's impossible to get turkey, so I at least try to commemorate it with eating mashed potatoes;)