Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Elle's Studio release day! And this kit + the new Little Moments collection are available for purchase. I was very excited about both! I love love loved all of the stars in the kit + the acrylic stars for sale this month. 
The colors made me think of my new favorite t-shirt. It's a bookshelf in the shape of Texas, my home state! Those colors plus the stars made me think I should scrapbook this idea that's been on my list for FOREVER!! I scrapbooked about my other superpower years ago, so it was time for my to scrapbook about this one.
Reading is my number one escape from reality. I can become totally engrossed in whatever I'm reading. The world around me disappears and I'm there right along with the characters or the author.

I think this has a lot to do with being an introvert. We spend a lot of time in our own heads. I can easily become lost there and not realize that I haven't spoken for hours or actually verbally contributed to the conversation at hand. I think there's another scrapbook page in there somewhere....Although I've made something similar before (seen here).
One of my latest favorite things has to be these amazing alpha stamps. This is like the perfect font! Classic and simple, you kind of can't go wrong. Be prepared to see these on everything I do for awhile now.

Do you have a superpower? I'm sure you do! Best scrapbook it girl. I'd love to see (and hear if you'd like to comment) about your superpowers!!

And if you're interested in scrapbooking your superpower with the Elle's Studio kit, it's available for $9.99 until midnight PST! After that, it's $11.99 until they're gone.

Also, be sure to swing by the site to see the Little Moments collection. Everything is available so you'll get first pick of this fun line. There's a special bundle price for a limited time, so if you want everything snag one of those while you can!

cheers & besos,


  1. I too am an avid reader and get so caught up in a book, that the whole day could have gone by and I wouldn't even realize it :)
    I love your layout and how you mimicked the books on your t-shirt...great idea!!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I feel like there is a big overlap of people who love to read and who scrapbook :)

  2. Love this page! I love the colours, and the story :) I'm a very similar introvert that could get lost in a book all day :) And thank you for turning me onto Elle's studio! I got their kit last month for the first time and loved it. I just picked up some of their Little Moments collection yesterday :) Oh, and I love your shirt! So awesome!

    1. yay! That's so exciting :) I'm loving being part of the team. Little Moments is one of my favorite lines! Can't wait to see what you make with it