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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two page layouts. Who would have thought that they could be so intimidating and turn so many scrapbookers off! When I first started scrapping, I mainly did two page layouts. It's a great way to use tons of photos, especially 4x6 ones. I rarely use photos so large (ha, who'd have though) in my scrapbooking since switching to the smaller 8x8 albums. My journaling also tends to be longer on a two page layout. There's just so much space to play with!

This layout was giving me so much grief yesterday. I actually had to stop and sleep on it, which is something I never do. I think the two conflicting shades of blue the twins were wearing was throwing me off! I hope I finally got it right with some October Afternoon patterned papers, Basic Grey woolies, and a bit of ribbon.

We had so much fun that day! As my journaling reads, "for the twins 4th birthday I wanted to give them an experience instead of just a gift. So they came over for an afternoon of cookie making. They were so cute in their aprons and about not wanting to get their hands dirty! Eventually, they got really into it and were excited to feed Uncle John as many cookies as he could stomach. A total of six!"

What can I say? I've had some pretty epic birthday parties these last few years! For my 24th, we went cosmic bowling at the mall in Bangkok. I have so many pictures from that day, because we had such a blast, that a 2 page layout was a total necessity. The crazy carpeting was the color inspiration for this layout and I didn't want it to get too boughed down, thus most of the photos were switched to black and white. For some whimsical embellishing, I punched circles out of black cardstock and used the back end of a paintbrush to add holes on mini "bowling balls". Then, I hand cut bowling pins out of white cardstock and finished with red lines. The finishing touches were the flowers and buttons along the circular edge of the border.

I have to say, I had way more fun than this mediocre layout let on. So much fun, our team was an entire game behind the others! I mean, we had an all MBA group dance to the YMCA and the Macarena for goodness sake! Something that probably endlessly entertained our Asian counterparts. It made me so happy that all of my fellow Moutbattens came out to celebrate with me!

When I was planning this layout, I really wanted to emphasize all of the elements that make up my room and basically, what makes up me. "These are a few of my favorite things" kept replaying in my head as I was working on this. I love my room! It's so quintessentially me!

I took my inspiration from a few Orla Keily organizational bins that I've been using in my room. The entire layout was pretty much done with scraps and there's a lot of hidden journaling behind the photos, on this one.

What can you find in my room?

Art: Georgia O'Keeffe is my favorite artist. A girl after my own heart, I love her use of coor and the tremendous depth found in it. I remember laying on my bed in college, just starting at her poppies for hours!

Lemons: Since Matt's and my trip to Paris, lemons have been a little joke between us. I sent him a "Be Mine" lemon last year for Valentine's Day and started a mini collection. I smile every time I see them.

Travel Mementoes: I don't really "collect" one specific thing while I travel. Rather, I love bringing home unusual things or objects unique to a country. A bongo from Marrakech, Morocco. A slanting bottle of lemencello from Pisa, Italy. A wishing frog from Bangkok, Thailand. But perhaps my most cherished of mementos is the ticket I saved from my visit to the World Trade Center in 2001.

If you're a scrapbooker, I challenge you to attempt a two page layout sometime soon!


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  1. Wow! I love all of your two page layouts! I love that your journaling is more lengthy when you work with double pagers.

    Very inspiring!