Skype Valentine

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So I've had this screenshot for a year, the idea for this layout for months, these photos printed out weeks ago, and just when I wanted to sit down and work on this a few days ago, I didn't have this paper that I'd somehow imagined I'd purchased! And I mean, c'mon this paper makes the page! If you know anything about Skype and its logos, this Sassafras Lass piece is the perfect match. Thus, a shopping I did go and returned triumphant with the absolutely most essential piece of paper in the history of my scrapbooking!

I know I talk (and scrap) a lot about Matt's and my relationship, all of the amazing places we've got to travel to together, the silly things we do, and a lot about the time we've spent apart. This one falls into the latter category. This screenshot is how we spent last Valentine's Day "together", chatting miles and countries apart via Skype. It isn't the easiest way of doing things, in fact I think I've seen my boyfriend's face more on my computer screen than in real life, but I'm happy to report Skype will not be essential much longer!

That's right fellow interwebbers, Matt's moving his Ohio bum down to Texas, to live it up in the Lone Star state! Next week, I'm flying to Ohio and we're road tripping our way back to Texas. 24 hours in the car. If we can survive a year+ of Skyping and then a 24 hour car ride, I'm pretty sure our relationship can handle anything.

I'm thinking it was probably a good thing I didn't have that piece of paper last week. Because there's no way I could have been as excited then, as I am now, about being this close to getting out of the long distance madness we found ourselves in! And since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, what better way to celebrate than to remember where we were then and to see how very far we've come in "just" a year!

About this page, yeah...that patterned paper really did most of the work. With a few snips of my scissors I had a boatload of color and an awesome border to add to this layout. I'd printed out the Skype logo as well, and it meshed perfectly with the mushrooms and snails. I also wanted to replicate the pattern found in the clouds, so I turned to my trusty Excel to create the grid background for the journaling block. Some letter stickers, my trusty thickers, and a few choice embellishments later, this layout was complete. Oh, and a note about the word "relationships": I hand wrote it several times with differing pen widths to achieve the ombre effect. Loving it!

Since this year, same as last, I'll be Skyping my boyfriend for the big day, I hope you'll all give your significant others a cuddle just for me. I may not get to tomorrow but there's always the promise of next year! Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. This layout is absolutely fantastic! I love all of the details, the journaling, and the title work! I'm happy for you and Matt to be ending the LDR soon! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I just found your blog by accident and I live in TX too so I thought I'd read on. I agree, the Sassafras Lass pp really is the perfect pp for this LO. I'm going to have to put that on my wishlist as my dh will be leaving to Iraq next week and Skype will more than likely be our communication source as well. Glad I found your blog!