Winterfest 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As per usual, 2Ps is hosting their quarterly amazing event! This go around, it has to do with stamps. Winterfest (see also Stamptoberfest) is winding down and thus my inky fingers are getting a good scrub. What makes 2Ps amazing is the community of creative individuals who continue to inspire and push me and my creative synapses further and further. For this, I am eternally grateful. So without further adieu, here are a few of my Winterfest creations.

Using Orange Maya Mist, I created the journaling space for the above layout with some older Sassafras Lass patterned paper and photos of Urijah. I say older, only because he was a tinier baby than he is now. Actually, I don't even know if he's a baby anymore. At what point do they become little boys?!

Now this was a doozy of a layout, even though it seems fairly straight forward. Don't let those misted stripes deceive you. This is my second stab at this effect, the first one having failed horribly! I masked off the lines using post-it notes (my favorite new technique!) and hit it first with red mist, moved the post-its over, and then with blue. Since I was going for a vintage airmail envelope look, I used my Slice to cut out the "postage stamps" and my trusty Epson Dash did the rest. I love that that thing prints tiny photos!! And, these were actually the last 2 sheets of 4x6 photo paper and the very last remnants of my ink pack and I think the photos turned out just as well as the first ones I printed. [Epson Sell Complete]. Back to the layout: Oh Asia, how I do and do not miss thee!

I almost made my mama "cry [her] make up off," with this layout. Seems like these are her favorite Johns as well. Lots of stamping, lots of misting, lots of tiny details. Mainly, I'm just happy to have 3 generations in a few pics!



  1. Fabulous layouts!!! I love how you created the journaling area with the mist- I hope I can recreate that someday!

  2. I love the hippo layout...especially the journaling and bright colors! Thanks for the comments on my blog too! :D