Halloween Tees

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I signed up for Amy Tan's The Good Life class as a birthday present to myself. I might do a review of the class later but by far, the best lesson was Week 1 when she taught her Reverse Applique technique. I've already made three shirts!

I decided to start small, literally and made this little skeleton tee for Urijah John.

This was the template I used. I figured I'd never get it even on both sides, so I just drew half of it folded it in half and cut it out.

And it made a perfectly even mini skeleton as a template!

I used some woodgrain fabric (a fab find from Ikea!) and orange DMC floss to outline.
And then I decided to make a matching one for Grandma!

When we were down at the beach house this past weekend, I managed to get a quick photo of the two of them. It's blurry because he can't sit still! He's a constant blur of motion, my favorite little 2 year old.

I made a third shirt for myself, with a different design. It's something I'll be sharing here in a few posts :) Be sure to check back and thanks for stopping by!


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