If only you knew...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soooo I'm really bad at blogging.
But a big fan of sharing!
The blog will go on, even with all of my little hiatuses.

But I have been scrapbooking! And I'm happy to share a page today :)

It features some truly beautiful product, the Crate Paper Random line. I LOVE this line!
It's just so pretty. It's the colors that do it, they're so vibrant and rich.

I'm calling this a hybrid page. But not because I printed the journaling.

It's a travel page, using photos from my day touring the Forbidden Palace. And part of the journaling is about that day...

But I couldn't stop looking at this cheeky grin on my face, and thinking if only you knew what was coming for you, when this whole Mountbatten adventure was over.

If only you knew...

"Look at you, with your silly grin and wantonly carefree attitude.

If only you knew...

If only you knew you were about to embark on some heavy times. Some very low points and then extreme hard times.

If only you knew you were about to lose a very important person in your life, so slowly and so wretchedly to cancer.

If only you knew you'd slip so far down into sadness and darkness that it was hard to think of the world as anything but gray and black.

If only you knew you'd try endlessly and fruitlessly to find work, a job, a career, a purpose.

If only you knew you'd become an Aunt and the world would burst forth anew.

If only you knew the low times don't last forever, if you have the willpower to make things changes.

If only you knew you'd get a job that would start you on your dream career, the one that let's you travel.

If only you knew that with time and patience and a little help from God, that any situation, however low or bad can somehow become your ideal, your dream."



  1. Found your blog from a link on Two Peas, love your LO above and the journaling is so moving. I wish I had more time to keep reading, but I will be back.

  2. i love your heartfelt journaling on this layout!