Project 12: Nov & Dec

Monday, January 2, 2012

How was everyone's New Years Day?!
Mine, was busy.

I'm the queen of list and to do projects. So of course yesterday I kept adding to the list instead of finishing what was already on it!

That's so me :)
But it was an organizational project!! Those are always productive...and fun!

I'll share more of it later, but first let me show off the last 2 Project 12 spreads for the year.

My November wasn't as busy at seems, although it doesn't feel like it. At work, I had 3 weeks to pull together a reception/guest list from scratch. Which probably explains why I wasn't very socially active those first few weeks. I was tired!

This I think is my favorite of my recent Project 12 layouts. I was in a taping mode after checking out the last Products you love Every which way class on 2Peas. And I do loooove me some tape!

And finally, December!! Another full month, this time with parties and festivities and some traveling.

With regards to design, it's hard combining multiple photos in varying sizes into one cohesive layout! But then I was reminded of this layout of Audrey's I'd seen while blog perusing the other day. I thought the photo placement was perfect for a December recap layout.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny "That's all folks!" I finished my Project 12 layouts!!

Actually, I'm still going to share the cover page, end page and wrap up pages here in a few days. But the big part, the harder part, is complete!


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