Project 365

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I did it! I took the plunge. I'm now fully immersed in Project 365/Photo a Day.
I have to say I'm loving it so far.

I'm using instagram for the photos and uploading them to my Photo 365 app. I like this app because it lets you add photos to the calendar retroactively and also lets you post more than 1 photo per day.

Plus it looks cute!

I also joined the Photo a Day class at Studio Calico. I like poking around on the boards over there because it's not as busy and I can keep up.

Here are my first shots of the year:

Saturday, 31 December

Getting ready to spend NYE with friends.
Had to rock the lion mane to combat the humidity

Sunday, 1 January

Checking things off my to do list, being productive,
in my usual lazy morning computer spot.

I joined Weight Watchers. We'll see how this goes!

MT & I walked to the Container Store for some page refills I needed.
We only live a 1/2 mile away.

Then we walked to Paper Source for glue. Sadly they were closed.
But I got another great shadow shot.

Monday, 2 January

Took the car to get the oil changed,
and then had to take it to Midas to get the brakes looked at.
They said it's drivable, still makes me nervous though.

Tuesday, 3 January

First day back to work :(
Made my way through 150 some unread e-mails

Wednesday, 4 January

My new Pottery Barn shelf arrived! MT hung it up for me
It's all loaded with my paint, mist, embossing powders and tape.

My layout was the featured project on 2Ps!
Such an awesome surprise :)

Then, as I was scrolling through pinterest, randomly came across my pinned layout.
That was surreal!

Thursday, 5 January

My new J. Crew category arrived!

Friday, 6 January

Dress down Friday. Wore my birthday dress with a black sweater, tights & boots

Every morning I walk to McD's for a much needed caffeine run.
Diet Dr. Pepper is my power juice

The team and I ate lunch outside of City Hall.

Saturday, 7 January

As I sleepily stumbled to the restroom this morning,
I slammed into one of my bookshelves and
took a chunk out of my leg.

Morning sunshine! Perfect start for a lazy Saturday

My sweet boyfriend meal planning for the week.
<3 him!


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