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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last week work sent me to London for some training. It was good training beneficial to my job, but not very glamorous at all. Between the training and the meetings I was busy and exhausted at times. But I managed to squeeze in some scrapbook related shopping as a treat to myself. It was totally on the fly and purely kismet that my hotel happened to be so close to this fantastic rubber stamp store that's literally around the corner from the British Museum.

Seriously, if you're in London there's no excuse for you to not stop by. I mean, you're going to want to see the British Museum of course. The Rosetta Stone is in there and all. And as an extra bonus, you can swing by this gem of a store.

Just look how warm and inviting it looks!

The shop windows were all done up for Valentine's day and everything.

I scored some great London stamps for my collection. You have no idea how happy it was for me to find these things. Everything travel related always centers around Paris for some inexplicable reason!

I also picked up the last 2 issues of Mollie Makes. I've heard and seen so much of this magazine, it's just gorgeous to look at!

Armed with my goodies, I headed back to the hotel and happened upon this so cute shop right in front of the British Museum. Once you get past all of the knick knack stores it's right there. Don't get distracted by the street construction going on in this corner. You're going to want to walk in there. Just look!

It's dripping with handmade-esque goodness! Owls, cushions, bunting (or banners), ribbons galore!

I seriously considered getting an owl but didn't know which one to even choose. Then my practicality kicked in and I knew I wouldn't be able to fit it into my suitcase, so I passed. But seeing as I found their online shop I might just have one shipped =)

I got a few odds and ends, the pretty Union Jack bunting, some pegs (clothespins) and ribbon.

Seeing as I'd already "broken the seal" so to speak, I figured I'd stop into Paperchase as I continued my journey back to the hotel. I had no idea what was in store for me there. Not only is the Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road (near Goodge Street tube station) wonderful, it's enormous!! 3 whole floors of goodies! I was completely overwhelmed for like half a second and then I dived right in.

If you're a fan of Paper Source, Paperchase is very similar but more like PS on crack. No seriously, Elise Blaha would keel over in here. Did I mention it was 3 stories!!

I had to get very real about what I could and couldn't feasibly carry back with me on the plane. But I did come back with some sweet notebooks & tape. Also that cute little book of London sticky notes. Totally using them as journaling blocks for my pages!

Also, I wanted to share this cute little purse I picked up in Camden Market on Sunday. That place has become absolutely ridiculous. It was raining and there were still people swarming the streets. Jokes on me for even venturing out there on a Sunday! But man, I had no idea it was going to be so packed.

Needless to say, I got my donuts =) and my bag and got the frock out of there.

And last but not least, wanted to share the goodies I picked up in Lisbon (& Sintra)! When I travel, I don't like to bring back a lot of knick knacks and whats a mudoodles. I opt for paper goods most of the time. Unless there's something truly special, like the bongo I brought back from Morocco or the croaking wooden frogs I brought home from Thailand.

This time I came home with postcards, a book from Pena and a rooster (Portuguese symbol for luck) magnet, which may or may not make it's way into my scrapbook.

My bags were full and my pockets were empty, but I'm glad I picked up these little trinkets to remind me of what a great time I had in Lisbon and also back in London.

If you know of any other London scrapbook related shops, please comment and let me know! My love affair with London is no where near over.

cheers & besos,

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