TBT: Buckingham Palace

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Thursday yall! That means, a Throw Back Thursday post =)

I'm reaching into the not too distant past with these photos. Still, they were taken 5 years ago! I can hardly believe it sometimes.

The photo is the backside of Buckingham Palace. I got to take the tour in late August while the Queen was summering at Windsor Palace. It was one of the first excursions I did when I first moved to London, well worth the £13.50 it cost. And I only remember it cost that much because I unearthed the entry ticket from my folder of ephemera. 

I used my Central High kit for this page and honestly, really struggled with fitting everything together. Especially since I found that ticket after I had picked and cut into the paper. Cutting a slit and tucking it in was the best option I came up with. But I'm sad that you don't get to see the details like the date and price right off the bat.

I like the colors, we were have exceptionally lovely weather that weekend. Love seeing London against the backdrop of blue skies and sunshine!

I miss that place and my friends so much. But I'm excited that I get to go see a few of them this weekend!

Blogging might be scanty due to my travels. I'm off tomorrow and back on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll get to do some blogging in the midst.

cheers & besos,

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