Travel Tips: Trips with Boys

Thursday, October 25, 2012

'ello loves! Today I'm blogging my monthly travel tip/scrapbook page. 

Lately, I've been trying to think of common themes for my photos. And somewhere along the way, I started thinking about all of the trips I've taken with just the boys. All of China, 5 days in Prague & Budapest, a weekend in Norway, plus our J3 day trips. My experiences traveling are always colored by the people I'm with, and believe me these boys have some color.

But guys are super different to travel with than girls. I wrote in my journaling:

"I’ve been a lot of places with a lot of people & I have to say, my trips with the boys have been some of my favorites. In general, dudes are more “go with the flow” & low key, a LOT less drama. But they have their moments. A few things to remember about traveling with boys: they will prefer outdoorsy adventures, they sometimes walk around with their shirts off, hanging out in a pub is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day in a foreign city & sometimes they get into random wrestling matches. It’s all in good fun & I recognize how lucky I am to have such a great group of guy friends. What can I say? I’m a bro at heart."

It also has to be said that I've never felt safer when I travel than when I'm with the guys. There was a hairy moment in Budapest, one of the few moments I've experienced of that kind, that had me so thankful to be with a group of boys.

I'll also never forget that one hard sleeper train we took in China. Where the only minutes of sleep I got were on James' shoulder.

I will forever cherish the crazy video Jon and Kevin made me, as they left the girls they were with to bring back the camera I thought I'd lost. I don't think they were very happy with me. But they left them all the same just to make sure I wasn't upset about my not-really-at-all-lost camera. Which they then ironically used to verbally berate me....

I guess this is less travel tips and more a gush fest on my part, for these wonderful boys that I love.

Oh, and last thing about traveling with boys. They're always hungry!!

cheers & besos,

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