Training in Toronto

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I told you I loved the hanging off the page of another page look. Here it is again! And yes, if you're keeping track that would be 3 pages in a row =) I think I've found my staple/go to design.

Last May work sent me to Toronto for a day to do some training. It was a super short trip but we completely made the most of it.

Journaling Reads:
"One of the most amazing perks of my job is that they let me travel! Since working at the Consulate I’ve been to DC (twice), San Francisco, Denver, Louisiana, England, Scotland and now Canada! I’ve always wanted to visit. Haileigh and I flew up for a day of training (and touring). We got in late, grabbed a quick dinner and headed to bed. But we made sure to get a jump in the morning. We had maple syrup to eat and H&M to visit! We made it through our training (which was actually very useful) and then headed out with Captain Canada and his team. They showed us an awesome time, drinks in the shadow of the Trump Tower, beers at the local pub. Then released into the wild for some late night Thai foraging on our own. No Haileigh you cannot eat lasagna at a Thai restaurant! All in all, a jam-packed day but truly one of the most wonderful parts of my job."

I used my Roller Rink kit and the Crack the Whip add-on, pulling out a tan/gray/red/blue color combo.

I loved all the great reds in the kit, especially in the Echo Park alpha stickers. I also used a lot of speech bubbles on this page, including the super random "holla", "nerd" and "lol". What are people using these for?! But I made them work for this page simply by flipping them over and using the backs.

This paper from Teresa Collins ended up being a great cut apart sheet. I trimmed it into strips and cut out words to anchor and fill in that bit of trapped space between the speech bubbles and my journaling.

And then I journaled directly on the fab washi tape, using my slick writer. Does anyone else find it takes a bit for those pens to "warm" up for lack of a better word? It's really thin when you start writing and then it gets to the right consistency after a sentence or two.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm off to study some note cards. Joy! ;)

cheers & besos,

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