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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Only my Mama would want to give a three year old a puppy! But that's what Urijah got this year. Don't worry, she didn't send the puppy home with him. Cadie lives at Gma & Gpa's.

They were so cute running around the house together. She's the perfect size for him at this age. Both of them are tiny. And full of energy! He runs around. She runs after him. He doesn't know what to think of her. But he's gotten use to her now. 

Whenever he comes to visit, Mama makes sure to tell her "Your little boy is coming". 

Cadie is so good with him. She licks his face and he giggles hysterically. I'm hoping one of these days they get this on tape!

For this page about my nephew and his puppy present, I printed two instagram shots. So happy they turned out! It's not easy to capture an energetic 3 year old and a hyper puppy! And lucky me Urijah was running around with that pretty yellow balloon. 

I used my Sock Hop kit and pulled all of the blue, green, yellow and gray from it that I could. Originally, I excluded the green but added it in breathed some life into the page. It's one of those balancing colors that made the whole layout sing!

Oh, and the puppy stamp isn't from the Sock Hop kit. It's from an old Paper Moon add-on. I couldn't not use it for this page about my nephew and his puppy.

Also, cheers to you all who have stuck around! I know I've been horribly negligent. Between NYC and Thanksgiving last week, helping throw a weekend away Bachelorette Party this upcoming and moving the following weekend, I'm going nuts! But bear with me. I'll be back and blogging soon enough.

Now off to my most dreaded task...packing up the scrapbook supplies (seriously my lip is quivering). The few hours I spent today playing with paper was the most relaxing thing I've done in weeks! Here's hoping I survive.

cheers & besos,

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