Flock Together

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sock Hop has been my friend. I decided to play around with my latest Studio Calico kit today. A mental gift to myself after this incredibly stressful week.

Did I tell you I'm moving? Oh, probably not since I only found out last week!! My apartment complex is being redeveloped (i.e. torn down) and we all need to be out ASAP. It's pretty terrible timing (when isn't it really) but at least I have a new apartment lined up! I'm very excited about it, just not at all excited about actually packing up and moving. I have so much stuff!!

Have any of you had to move a scrap room? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated =)

But anyway, back to my scrapbooking. Yes, I scrapbooked. And yes, I totally needed it. Plus, I completely love this page!!

I jumped on the feather trend and came up with this page about our annual Mountbatten meet up. These are some of my old flat mates and also my grad school friends. We live very far from each other, but we still try to make time to see each other at least once a year.

This year's meet up was last month in DC. We mixed it up a bit from last year and Patrick made the drive over from Connecticut.

For the page, I went a little Native American with the motif. But I completely love it. Love having the feathers dangle down from the bottom of the photo. There's 5 of us and 5 feathers to match.

But the dipped ends are what get me. I used these feathers from Anthropologie as inspiration. But I have to give Geralyn credit for spotting these and remarking what a great idea it would be to incorporate it with the wood veneer feathers in this month's kit. Why yes ma'am I do agree.

Ooookkk, back to packing and worrying about packing I go...
But hey I scrapbooked! It can't be all bad.

cheers & besos,


  1. How cute are the feathers especially with your title. Sorry about the move but getting all reorganized is fun sometimes, once it is done!!!

  2. The dipped feathers look great! I feel your pain as I am in the same position at the moment. I am having to move out of my amazing and spacious flat because my flatmate decided to move in with her loser boyfriend (which is also another worry!) :( Unfortunately I am having to downsize to renting a room from someone and I won't have space for a desk, so I need to do some serious purging and organising!! It is so daunting. Your new place sounds positive though, good luck!

  3. Lucky that you already had a place lined up.. good luck with all the packing.

  4. love that treatment on the feathers!!!

  5. so fantastic the way you used the wood veneer feathers