Happy Accidents

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Raise your hand if you ever added something to a scrapbook page and immediately regretted it? Or felt that by adding just the one little element, it suddenly through the entire page off balance?

Oh man, do I do this all the time. 

Like for this page, the top red fishbone arrow that I stamped was driving me absolutely nuts. But I mean I stamped it, so it wasn't like I could just move it around on the page.

That's the point when it becomes a personal challenge. And when my creativity kicks in and my brian starts churning out "get out of jail" options.

What I came up with ended up adding a lot of texture to the page albeit very subtle texture. 

I punched scallop and pinked circles out of the blue cardstock to cover it up and also to add that texture I was talking about. Now, I didn't have another piece of that cardstock, so I had to get creative and cut out a big square from behind where I matted the patterned paper.

See, the back isn't pretty:

But it's fixed! In my eyes at least. 

Want to know another secret about this page? I used blue cardstock for the base as another of my fixes. My original idea for the background was to just use the patterned paper. But I ended up cutting it down to 7 1/2 x 11 by mistake. My fix was to turn on its side, trim and adhere to the cardstock base. Problem solved!

The page went in a totally different direction than what I had originally thought. But that's ok. I like how it turned out in the end. 

Happy accidents & minor mishaps, although seemingly mistakes, push your creativity. That can't make them all bad!

cheers & besos,


  1. Love how you "fixed" the page, I wouldn't have known if I didn't read the post!

  2. I have quite a few happy accidents!!! And at first, I hate it!! But after a day, I love it :) :)