Train in Spain

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi hi hi!!! I'm back from my work trip. Although, I don't think I actually shared I was leaving for a work trip. Sorry about that. You know how it is right before you leave, 10 zillion things to do and not enough time to do them all in.

But I'm back and blogging and sharing a new page.

I made this page which is based off yet another Shimelle sketch. I loved the look of the quadrants! I used 3 photos instead of 2 and different travel themed papers to balance them out. I also shrunk down the design just a bit and tilted it off kilter. I've decided that if all else fails for me, tile the design! It's my "thing". =)

Oh man, there's so much to say about the photos and this page. I'm not even sure where to start!

I had a lot to say about these photos. So much that I couldn't fit all of my journaling on the page and still make it look nice. So I printed bits of it out on strips and the whole story on a shipping tag hidden behind the top paper block. It'll be easy to pull it out once it's in the page protector.

Journaling Reads:
I will tell you, that in my decade+ of traveling across the world, this night remains my most memorable travel experience to date. Let's just say, Jessica & I were total angels who earned some serious goodwill that night. Oh the joys of youth. Even when I'm old and gray, I'll always remember that crazy night...

One of these idiots wayward souls proceeded to get himself kicked off the train, in the middle of the night, in a foreign country! He didn't speak the language and there was a good possibility he would have woken up the next morning in either the hospital or the local jail. We couldn't let it happen. So with about 10 mins of fore thought, not knowing if we'd make it to Barcelona or manage to meet up with our friends when we did, we jumped off the train with him. 

Between my abilities at speaking Spanish and Jessica's abilities at understanding Spanish, we were able to keep him out of the local institutions and somehow magic-ed our way onto the next train! 

In the end it all worked out, but let me tell you, at some points we weren't sure that it would. So thankful that Jess was willing to jump off that train with me. And still, even 7 years later, just the littlest bit pissed at Matt.

I started with one title, then switched to another and just decided to include them all and cross the ones I didn't use out. I thought it was a fun twist for a title. Especially since this whole page is about a misadventure.

I have to admit, I feel a bit like Alice's rabbit. So much to do, so little time right now! But please check back, I have a lot to share about my trip, which I tried as hard as I could do document via instagram. Working to put a mini book together on that. Also, Saturday's post is about a day in Edinburgh! And there might be a wee li'l RAK to go with it.

cheers & besos,

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  1. This looks awesome! Love what you did with the sketch!