Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I scrapped! For the first time in what feels like forever but has really only been about a week. It's the first layout I've done in a while, that I sat down and finished all in one go. Life with this wee lil one has been busy, as you may have seen.

This is her first page! It goes into my family album along with all the other pet pages I make.
I used inspiration from Ali's Hello Story class as the basis for the page. Plus a whole slew of Two Peas CHA Challenges: [One Color] My fave, yellow! With mixes of gold and the white + black + brown neutral that was allowed [Eight Straight Lines] This was an accident. I didn't think about it applying until the end, but once I did, I noticed I was only missing 1 line. I added the stitched black thread at the bottom. [Nine Older Products] This is all from at least the last CHA release and includes a whole variety of washi tapes, some rub-ons, that cute Pebbles tag and some of the darker wood veneer.

I added a lot of twine/thread to this layout since I've never met a kitty that doesn't love some string! Plenty of hearts because we've only had her for a week but she's already loved.
And all the yellow/gold I could manage since it's my fave.

That felt good. I might just scrap another one =)

cheers & besos,

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