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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is it Friday yet?! I'm sooo ready for the weekend. This has been my first full week back in the office in a few weeks, so this weekend is particularly warranted. I'm excited because we're driving over to Austin for it! It's my bestie's birthday and we're going to celebrate that and her new job and spend it as a last hurrrah of sorts, because she's getting ready to move.

So lots going on & I'm stoked!

I should wait until Saturday to post this, but I was just so excited I couldn't wait! Since it is her birthday, I had to make her a gift. I think being my best friend, puts her in the top spot as recipient of Jamie projects. She's had a lot of homemade gifts over the years. [See those here and here and here and here and here. See I wasn't kidding!]  But I think this year's gift is my favorite.

I made her a mini book! It's of all of our inside jokes and silly ramblings. Way back in college, we thought we were sooo cute, or cool, or something crazy like that. So we started a Note on Facebook and kept a running record of all of our inside jokes that year. And beyond really. We still comment on it from time to time. It makes me smile and laugh and giggle and outright snort with laughter at times. I love it so much! 

Since you never know if Facebook is going to update and get rid of the whole thing, I thought it best to make a mini book of some of the stuff in there. This whole project is at least 6 months in the making. I had the idea and bought the stuff for it ages and ages ago. But then never sat down to actually do it. Thanks to Celine's Mini Book class, I made it happen!!

I love it so much. Not only for posterity reasons but also because it's pretty. I'm so proud of it. And the fact that I actually did it. I tried some new things, used nearly an entire row of washi, and reminisced the whole way. Oh, and I'm so beyond happy that I made one for myself! They are very nearly identical, so I'm only showing you hers. But I knew I'd want one for myself and I'm sooooo happy I made sure to do it.

So enough with words. Here are the photos. And I'm warning you THERE'S A  LOT OF PHOTOS!! Tons of little details. But the formula is pretty basic: pretty paper on one side, 6x6 black and white photo stitched on the other side, vellum with quotes in between. Speech bubbles were my main design element and that first pattern you see is from Amy Tangerine's Ready Set Go line and it inspired the color choices. 

cheers & besos,

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