Chicago Daybook

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How has it already been a week since I got back from Chicago (and petted a penguin!)?! It feels like so long ago but also doesn't. Probably because I got sick and lost some time. I happily went to my doctor yesterday and got a shot and some antibiotics, so I feel like a human again!! Yet, I'm up at 5am for some inexplicable reason....

But hey, since I'm up, why not be productive shall we?

I shared the on-the-road scrapbook kit I packed last week. Now I want to show you what I did with it! 

I'm soooo soooo soooo proud of myself for sticking with it AND getting it done. I'm telling yall, this is probably the most productive & dedicated I've been in what feels like forever. Hoping to ride it as long as I can!
I opted to use the smaller blank Moleskine for my daybook. I thought blank pages would work better than graphed sheets.

Surprisingly (to myself at least) I actually worked on it in the hotel room a few times, and then got home and added a few photos and some stamping. Only had to journal 2 days here as well. I'm so happy I sat down to do it because the details were already getting hazy. So soon!

The only stamp set I used to embellish was the Amy Tangerine Yes, Please set. I think this was a good way to go since it had such a variety of images and textures. After that I only added Thickers to the cover and am actually happy I had run out of "G's". I liked being able to emphasize the "go" in "Chicago".
Love love love how it turned out! As you might have noticed, the design of my little bag there was the inspiration for the colors of washi and clips I chose. I think they're great travel colors!

I knew going into the trip, I was not going to fill up every page of the notebook.  So I used washi tape to hold a few sheets together & create signatures. This was sooo helpful when I messed up on one of the pages. All I had to do was unstick the washi and pull from the signature before and after, to cover it up. Some times I stuck 2 pages together, sometimes 3, the mess up was 5 sheets together. But you really can't tell. And I love all the color the washi adds!

The combo of photos and ephemera was perfect for the length of time and the number of photos I included. It's only a very small smattering of what I took. But if I never scrapbook any of those photos, at least I have this daybook to remember my trip by.

Here's the whole book, cover to cover:
Tucked into the back pocket here is our "itinerary" (really just a list of places I wanted to go) and our hotel key card. Viola!
It's a chunky little book and I like that about it.

cheers & besos,


  1. Saw this in the SC gallery, and oh my goodness is it cute! I have serious fondness for Chicago, and your daybook does it major justice. I love it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am planning a trip soon and you have given me excellent ideas!