Baby Birdie

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here he is, the baby, the myth, the legend, Urijah John Leija! The cutest baby in the world! I'll admit that I'm biased being that I'm his Aunt and all. So as one can see, Urijah or Goo as we affectionally refer to him, has a signature trademark. That hair! He was born with a full head of it and doesn't appear to have lost any along the way. Ever since the first day his mama gave him a bath, it's been sticking straight up. At nearly 5 months old, when these photos were taken, the verdant little guy has had 4 hair-cuts! It grows like weeds. The joke being, "at least his mama is a hairdresser". We're quite partial to Cardinals in this household as a result. Matt gave Mama a little thank you present, a Cardinal ornament and she's been gushing over it ever since. She even sent him a thank you card. I guess you can see where I get it from (refer to previous post).

I was instantly inspired by this gorgeous Making Memories Christmas paper. Not caring that it was "themed", I used it anyway and I'm happy with the results. I'm also not the biggest fan of silhouetting photos, but I just had to emphasize that little impish up-curl of his. I think it helped reinforce the Cardinal theme. Heck, maybe the lil guy will end up being a St. Louis fan. Only time will tell!


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